Press Release: Mickey Reacts to the 2022 WOW Draft and Announces Changes for the 6th Season of PWI

In the wee hours of the night on June 21st, 2022 the World of Wrestling organization hosted the 2022 installment of the industry draft. In this business, we engage with the full understanding of the risks that we undertake each and every season as marked by this annual event. As the Chairman of Mmouse Enterprises, I have a responsibility to ensure that the PWI and all other wrestling promotions under our aegis are successful. It is my opinion that we were successful, for the most part.

I underestimated the cunning of Megan Mouse, the chair of BWM Inc. She was fully prepared to seize any opportunity before her, and if she can break the vicious cycle of false starts for her company then we will finally have worthy competition again. The reports are indeed true that the loss of Brock Lesnar to AEW led to a slew of terminations on the spot. It was simply inexcusable that we didn’t come prepared with a guaranteed spot for him on our roster after we paid him one of the most lucrative contracts in the history of this business. We weren’t ready for such a massive loss, and that blame is largely on me for allowing such incompetence on our draft team.

Even so, it is apparent that our draft strategy worked to maintain a proper balance in the draft as we also succeeded in spiriting away a major talent who had been previously exempt in CM Punk. Punk had long been a priority of mine in the event that he became available and I am absolutely excited for what is to come in his future with our company.

We also succeeded in strengthening our women’s division even further, thus solidifying it as the most stacked women’s roster in industry history when we effectively gave up Natalya Neidhart and Britt Baker in exchange for gaining equal top tier talent such as Rhea Ripley, Lacey Evans, Bianca Belair, Lita, Paige, and Becky Lynch.

Our incredible tag division was also subjected to an unforeseen relentless attack by Megan Mouse, as we lost future stars like Proud and Powerful, legends like the Legion of Doom and Legion of Maniacs, and current greats like the former longest reigning active Tag Champs of the current era American Alpha (no, I didn’t forget losing The Elite, but we are currently in negotiations for a trade to get them back). Even so, we gained some incredibly talented teams including the legendary Duct Tape Men and the Hollys as well as the arguably greatest tag team in industry history: The Young Bucks.

Our Ascendant Class was ransacked as well, but I believe that we got the better end of the deal when you consider the major stars we gained as we sacrificed this talented group of talent. I have no doubt that the likes of Andrade and Angel Garza (to name just a couple stars from the developmental group) will thrive in their new home, but we offset these losses by regaining the services of icons like Krusader, Phobe, Terminator, and the Rock.

AEW will be a company with many great stars that I helped make, and that can not be overstated. The future is bright for much of their talent, as long as they truly have shed their erratic tendencies. Even so, I remain confident as of this point right now that the PWI will truly live up to its identity as the land of the industry’s premier talent.

Looking forward, I have finished my negotiations with Ted Brown regarding the schedule of the rebirth of HCW under our umbrella. In a semi-independent roster that will be classified as the “Hardcore Class”, only around a dozen of their top tier stars will be dually-featured as part of the PWI’s official roster. Moreover, this change as forced upon us by the betrayal of PWI Champion Brandon Lee allowing Ted Brown to also dub him as the new HCW Champion will cause us to reorganize our programming schedule starting with the upcoming season.

There will be more specific details to come via updates to our events and rules pages on the website, but to summarize, here are the changes:

The “Ascendants” standalone show will become a special broadcast aired periodically on a similar schedule pattern to what we see with the Championship Spectacle. This elimination of the show’s weekly programming schedule will be slightly offset by expanding our weekly broadcasts by one match a week so as to feature the Lower Ascendant Class in the first segment and the Upper Ascendant Class in the second segment. “Legends” will remain an annual special exclusively for the Ascendant Class, and we will continue to have the two Ascendant Class Pay Per Views with “The Spotlight” in December and “The Uprising” in June.

“Bitches Ball” will also become a periodic show similar to “Ascendants” and “The Championship Spectacle”. This show has been a hit with the crowd and I intend to use this opportunity to make it feel even more special than it already is.

As you can already guess, I’m sure, our regular season shows will all become six segment shows again (at least), starting with the 27th Bloodbath Anniversary on October 5th. This is primarily to allow the Ascendant Class to be prominently featured, but it is also to create room for the HCW. With respect to the HCW, they will receive one standalone show each month and a guaranteed spot on each installment of “Asylum” and “The Championship Spectacle”.

In the coming weeks, there will be more to say and reveal while we pave the way for the season to come. Stay tuned.

Thank you.


Mickey M. Mouse Junior

Chairman and Owner of Mmouse Enterprises

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