Megan Mouse issues press release

The Elite Wrestling Alliance is dead.

I did not kill the EWA.

My uncle Mickey and MMOUSE Enterprises did not kill the EWA, though it was not for a lack of trying.

John Brown did not kill the EWA.

My father, Benny Wade Mouse, chose to self-destruct, as he has done so many times before.

When my father is on, there’s no debate that he is the most charismatic and talented wrestling promoter in the business. This isn’t just conjecture but is demonstrably true when you look at his ratings record. Unfortunately, when my father is off — as he so often is — he is a laughing stock.

His erratic nature has become fodder for critics industry-wide. He has irreparably harmed the EWA brand, and after 12 months, I’ve finally convinced the BWM Inc. Board of Directors of such, and after more than half a year of legal injections and demands of non-disclosure from my father, the power struggle has finally ended. Unfortunately, it has ended because, in March, all communications from my father stopped. No one has heard from or seen Benny Mouse since that time. As a result, I now have the authority to move forward.

Do not get me wrong, I’ve had issues with my father my entire life. Most of these issues happened on the world stage, and the drama of my life was often used as fodder for BWM Inc. productions. This naturally complicates the relationship between father and daughter. Those frustrations removed, I love my father and I hope that he is alive, well, and safe.

That said, Benny Mouse killed the EWA. As such, when we return, we will do so as All Elite Wrestling!

I told the Board that if they expected me to bail them out as the chairwoman of the company, I would only do so under a brand name that has not been tarnished by my father and predecessor.

The 2022 draft promises to be full of surprises, and I promise to prove to the world that I am NOT my father.

All Elite Wrestling will dominate moving forward, and that’s a promise!

Megan Mouse

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