Classic Results: ECW Aggression 2002

ECW Aggression – 10/14/2002 – United Center – Chicago Illinois, 25,074 fans in attendance.

In the back locker room we see Mentor shove Kurgan across the room, Kurgan pushes him back! They begin to brawl around the locker room. Earl Hebner runs in along with Chase and Shane Murphy. They are all screaming at one another! Mentor tells Shane that he wants Kurgan tonight! Shane is quick to say no but Kurgan insists that the match is made!

The lights dim and the ECW theme music hits over the speakers, Kevin Kelly and Mike Taney are the announcers for the night. Chris Jericho comes out and is awaiting his opponent.

Match One

ECW Title Match

Chris Jericho V/s Crush

When Crush enters the ring Y2J goes straight for him. He begins to lock up with Crush. Jericho hits a suplex to begin the match. Jericho goes straight to work stomping on Crush in the corner of the ring. Jericho goes to the top rope and waits for Crush to get up, when he does he hits a face crusher from the top rope! Jericho goes for the cover, he gets a close two count. He picks him back up and nails an overhead belly to belly. He goes for the cover again and another close count. Jericho nails a lionsault for two! Crush gets up and smacks Jericho in the face with a big boot. He then goes for the Jackknife. He hits it! Crush goes for the cover, only two! He picks up Jericho and goes for another power bomb. Jericho pushes out of it. He nails a break down! Then goes for another Lionsault! After a double power bomb Jericho gets the three count!


Chris Jericho

In the back Shane Murphy is talking to the Steels, he says that tonight he will introduce his new member. He tells the Steels to get a long look at the tag titles because tonight the will advance to the finals of the tag team tournament.

Match 2

The Steels V/s Woody/Teo

The Steels were in the ring waiting for their opponents, Teo comes out and the Steels begin to attack him right away. After about thirty seconds Woody music hits! The fans are going nuts! A massive Woody chant begins through out the arena, then he runs out and slides into the ring and begins to help Teo. Woody takes Jamal and hits a belly to belly. He then goes to Tyrone and puts him in a headlock. Teo jumps over the ropes to the outside to hit Jamal with a flying cross body block! Tyrone hits a back suplex on Woody. He begins stomping on his chest. Teo comes in and makes a blind tag. Teo nails a flying head scissors. He then nails a spinning drop (his trademark that has yet to be named) onto Tyrone. Tyrone rolls over into the corner and tags in Jamal. Jamal runs in and Teo knocks him down with a clothesline! Woody goes to the top for the five star, Jamal moves! Teo is thrown out of the ring and Tyrone lifts up Woody and together the Steels nail the 3-D for two! Teo comes in and his swept to the floor. They grab his legs and pull then back behind his head and nail a flying head butt! Tyrone goes to Woody but Woody nails a power bomb. He goes for the cover when all of a sudden Splider merges from the crowd. He hits Woody with a pole! The Steels the nail another 3-D for the win!


The Steels

Benny Mouse is in the ring. He says tonight he is going to make a match between Muddy and Attitude for the Grand Heavyweight title! Also he announces that next week right here on Aggression he will give a major announcement that is going to reverse the latest winning streak of Shane Murphy!!!

Match 3

Raven V/s The Undertaker

In a match that Raven begged for, we saw a brutal match between two of ECW’s finest stars. Raven went straight to work on the Undertaker, but it was not long before the dead man turned the tables. Raven charged at the ‘Taker with clothesline but was caught with a choke slam! Taker began stomping on Raven and tossed him outside of the ring. Taker then threw him into the steel stage. Raven fell on to a stack of metal. Taker lifted him back up and dragged him into the ring. He whipped him into the corner and began to deliver devastating body shots. He tossed him back to the out side. Taker took him all over the place, when they reached the stage Taker nailed a last ride! By this time Raven was bleeding, Undertaker went for another power bomb but Raven caught him with a low blow. Raven crawled into the ring and grabbed a chair. There he waited for Undertaker to come. Just as the announcers expected, Taker went right into the ring, he was hit with the chair multiple times. Taker started bleeding. Raven dropped the chair. He threw taker into the corner and picked up the chair. He ran at ‘Taker but was caught with a boot that sent the chair flying into his face! Undertaker set up to chairs in the ring and nailed a Tombstone piledriver!


The Undertaker

After the match Undertaker went back into the ring and lifted Raven up by the hair and shook his hand!

Match 4

Kurgan V/s Mentor

Mentor begin the match with his famous stare, the two circled and then they went at each other, they locked up. They begin to brawl throughout the arena, the announcers declared the obvious “this isn’t going to be a wrestling match!” Mentor jumped over Kurgan and nailed the spear. Mentor went for a cover and got a near fall. Kurgan lifted Mentor above his head and threw him into the corner. Kurgan began stomping angrily on Mentor’s chest. Kurgan went for another stomp but Mentor grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground. Mentor got up and started punching Kurgan retentively in the face. Mentor used ever thing he had him in, Kurgan began to bleed! Mentor nailed an over the head belly to belly suplex! Mentor picked him up and nailed the horn bomb for the three! After the match Chris Jericho rushed to the ring and started punching Mentor in the face, it wasn’t long before Mentor toke over. He nailed a horn bomb. He then grabbed the title and lifted it high above his head!



In the back Splinter entered Muddy’s locker room. Splinter began talking about Muddy and him didn’t have to get along tonight, unlike next week when they must team together in the tournament. He said that there was nothing stopping him from getting to him tonight!

Match 5

Grand Title Match

Attitude© V/s Muddy

Arn Anderson was out at the ring waiting for Attitude and Muddy to begin there match. Attitude and Muddy entered the ring and began to go at it. Muddy was over powering Attitude in the beginning. He threw him around the ring multiple times. Attitude was quickly busted open after hitting the steel post. Muddy through him out the ring. Muddy jumped over the ropes and hits a flying cross body block! Muddy opened the cut further after punching him in the head with his massive fists! Muddy nailed a power slam! He went for the cover. Muddy was interrupted after Splinter ran out to the ring and slide into it. Muddy was angered and him and Splinter began to brawl! Arn ran in and attacked Attitude with a pole made of metal! Both pairs of enemies brawled all over. Finally Muddy speared Splinter and Attitude super kicked Arn the two got back in the ring. Attitude nailed a super kick! Muddy didn’t fall! He went for another one when he was caught with a spear! Muddy went for the cover, as the ref’s hand was about to hit the floor for the three count Splinter jumped and broke up the count! Muddy stood up and tossed Splinter across the ring, he jumped back onto Attitude and went for another cover. Splinter went to jump on Muddy again but didn’t make it on time! What a match!

Winner and new champ:


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