Mickey addresses the Press before the Men’s Edition of PWI Live!

Mmouse Enterprises Chairman’s Centre

Knoxville, Tennessee

July 22, 2021


(MM = Mickey Mouse J.R.)

*Chairman Mouse approaches the podium as the press looks on*

MM: Welcome, my friends, as we prepare for the continuation of PWI’s 2021 Preseason, look forward to the Fifth Season of the PWI, and rejoice in the addition of new quality talent to our ranks! I will be as brief as possible here, because I need to get back to the business of contract negotiations and preparing for the next episode of PWI Live! As you all saw, this past week I released a statement to the world about the emerging dominance of PWI in the ratings as we steadily wipe the EWA out of the top 10 ratings of all time!

The one thing that I will say about the EWA’s lack of consistent participation in this industry not only in this, the Sixth Era, but also in the Fourth Era when it was invented: the old adage of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” stands true. This is why and how the EWA is successfully able to book each of their seemingly rare shows as Pay Per View caliber, and the persistence of those shows in remaining in the top 10 for so long has only confirmed such. The greatest example of this strength is with respect to their famous “Retro Revolution” last year in the Spring.

When you see the ratings for the particular show you notice that it stands as a resilient top-show. In fact, as the ratings for the Fourth Season of PWI were rolling in I was sure that the Epic would trounce the show alongside Motivation, but while both shows asserted themselves in the top-3 ranks, only Motivation squeaked out a victory over the historically-high-rated Monday broadcast. When you think about all of the incredibly shocking legendary appearances of that show, from the return of Ghostrider to the return of Granddaddy Duxen, you have a show which will surely stand the test of time.

I say all of this not to make excuses for my company, and I know many out there will disagree, but the truth is that I recognized that the EWA rightfully earned a strong victory that night. HOWEVER, “Retro Revolution” also marked a noticeable peak for the EWA. It represented the beginning of a trend towards a tightening gap between the EWA and PWI’s programming, which culminated in their latest “No Boundaries” earning the closest ratings victory of this Era over the critically-acclaimed Night Two of Motivation VII.

In other words, when you consider the vast number of PWI shows which managed to leap ahead of EWA’s broadcasts in this era over the past year you start to see the big picture here: the PWI is on a steady and swift incline. I have always maintained that the EWA would be trounced if they maintained a steady schedule but now I am recognizing that the EWA may not even stand a chance with their erratic schedule producing their supposed must-see shows!

One good reason that I am digging in on this prediction is that the EWA has severely dropped the ball in letting certain talent go to waste and turning a blind eye as I negotiated better contracts with said talent from the Usos to Ricochet, and believe me when I say that there will be more!  Angel Garza is another talent to watch, who I feel could have a great time competing even against his fellow signee, Ricochet! Then, there is this mysterious young lady who asked not to be named yet, but we will see her come to light very soon.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months, and one of those things involves something that I planned to announce tonight, but I decided – en route to the podium tonight – to save that announcement for when I am standing in that ring, which I will be doing at PWI Live this Monday! So, that will be the icing on top of a great show that we have scheduled for all of you, which will include four great matches:

Newcomer Maxwell Jacob Friedman will do battle with the “Macho Man” Randy Savage,

American Alpha will defend their Tag Team Championships against the first EWA Tag Team Champions of the modern era, the Samoan Connection,

Daniel Bryan will attempt to right the wrong of his PWI debut at Starrcade in his rematch with the charismatic enigma, Jeff Hardy,

AND, in our Main Event, the World and Immunity Champion Kurt Angle will defend both championships against a mystery opponent!

I am psyched for this show in four short days and I can’t wait to see you all there! No questions today, as the next press conference will actually feature an opportunity for such! See you all Monday and later that week for the next gathering here!

*Mickey leaves as a disappointed press room groans and shouts their disappointment*

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