Mickey M. Mouse Issues a Press Release on the Ratings to Date!

Mmouse Enterprises

Chairman’s HQ

Knoxville, Tennessee

July 17, 2021

With the ratings finally in from the 4th Season of PWI, Chairman Mickey M. Mouse J.R. released the following statement:

“The Fourth Season of Premier Wrestling Incorporated – what wrestling fans overall may regard as the Second Season of the Sixth Era in Sports Entertainment – proved to be a very lucrative one for the PWI and Mmouse Enterprises overall. As the season unfolded and then came to a gradual close, the PWI asserted itself as the official number one company of this era. This, in my view, has been a consequence of me reasserting myself in this seat, because now that I am here, Mmouse Enterprises is back where it belongs on top of the world of wrestling!

While the EWA tries to figure out when the hell they will publish their first show in over a year, I am proud to reveal that the PWI dominates the top rated shows of any standalone programming in history! You will see in the document which has been attached to this statement just how resounding this endorsement was from the fans of this great industry. This group of ratings tells me that the EWA is in trouble should they ever dare to compete against the PWI on a consistent basis again.

Regardless of whether Benny, Megan, or that idiot Amick decides to actually get their act together, the PWI will continue to bring you the best in this business…GUARANTEED!!”

Here is the document – to which Mickey alluded – detailing the highest rated shows from any single promotion in history:

“As of June 20th, 2021, these are the Top Rated Single-Promotion Shows in History:

  1. PWI Motivation VIII – 7,379,167 viewers
  2. EWA Retro Revolution – 7,373,333
  3. PWI The Epic – 7,355,556
  4. PWI Asylum (3/15/2021) – 7,345,588
  5. PWI The Showcase 2021 – 7,340,000
  6. PWI WM Into the Asylum – 7,336,363
  7. PWI Thanksgiving Brawl 2020 – 7,331,667
  8. EWA No Boundaries 2020 – 7,331,528
  9. PWI Ascendants (2/20/2021) – 7,331,250
  10. PWI Asylum (4/19/2021) – 7,320,000”

Respectfully submitted by:

Mmouse Enterprises Spokesman, Lawrence Mason

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