Classic Results: UWA Forsaken 2002

UWA Forsaken

October 6th, 2002

Opening Bout: UWA World Title: Demonicuz vs Brock Lesnar (approximately 14 minutes) (With the Owner, Jeff Murrey broadcasting at ringside and to present the title to the winner)

This match was very unorthodox. surprisingly, Demonicuz dominated the beginning of the match. Lightning fast punches and high flying clotheslines off the top rope gave him the upper hand. but never count Brock out. He came back with thunderous right hands and an elbow drop that could make Randy Savage cry!!! He then proceeded to take his own high risk maneuver. This 376 pound monster came crashing off the sound equipment on to Demonicuz. Brock then broke Demonicuz through the table. Everyone was beginning to think that Demonicuz was down and out until………… he found the sledgehammer! Soon after all you saw was a busted Brock. Then you see the Forsaker (an inverted tombstone piledriver) and then you have your first undisputed world champ!

After the match, Jeff went to present Demonicuz with the title and Demonicuz argued with him, saying that the surprise (which Murrey teased throughout the night) would not affect his rein as champ and he then knocked Jeff Murrey out.

Billy Kidman vs Sting

Billy Kidman and Sting fought to a draw after Rex and then Hans Gustav came out and beat the hell out of each star. Hans then gave Kidman a crushing Hansbomb through the table. What he did next is a first for any wrestling company. He picked Kidman up and simply broke his neck. He took his bare hands and twisted his neck until it broke! And then Rex said he was better the Giant Gonzales!

Hans Gustav vs Hollywood Hogan

Hogan finally made his way to the ring for an ass whooping. Hans dominated the whole match. There was one point where Hogan battled back in a seesaw punching contest and then ran across the ring and nailed the big boot, but he was so exhausted that he fell out of the ring. (at this point, all of the ring posts, ropes, and turnbuckles had been destroyed during the Demonicuz match earlier on) Hans finally gave him the Hansbomb for the victory. Rex comes out and shakes the hand of Hans, Hans punched him in the face and laughs.

Hardcore Holly vs Booker T (approximately 14 minutes)

This was ironically one of the best matches of the night. Just fast paced in your face action from two very talented and of course bloody individuals. There was plenty of blood and gore! So, Holly nails the picture perfect dropkick, the moonsault, the german suplex, and of course he nails a victory.

UWA Intercontinental Title: Ahmed Johnson vs Batista

Ahmed Johnson defeated Batista to become the first IC champion, and then after the match Ahmed and Jeff fought, which led to Ahmed laying Murrey out!

Main Event: Dragonfly vs Egyptian Batman (approximately 20 minutes)

2 of the best aerials took it to the extreme in this match. The 19 year old Dragonfly corkscrewed Egyptian to start it off. Not to mention the 2 of them had there own little hurricanrana contest, and Dragonfly even nailed a batkick; which he appropriately named the Dragonslide. Dragonfly defeated Egyptian after rolling him up and using the ropes for leverage. He was then awarded a 1000 dollar bonus for winning the main event.

Even though Krusader’s 19 year old cousin was impressive, fans still wondered after the match if in a rematch Dragonfly would he be able to defeat Egyptian again.

Jeff Murrey comes to the ring for the big announcement. He announces that there is a new co-owner, and that co-owner is Mickey Mouse Junior! Then Murrey states that the ECW will finally meet its demise thanks to a 2-Division wrestling company, with Murrey running the Northern Division (with shows taking place on Thursdays) and Mickey running the Southern Division (with shows taking place on Mondays) of the newly-created Undisputed Wrestling Alliance, and that in fact this company will become the best wrestling company that the industry has ever seen! He further reveals plans for a first-ever draft between these divisions to take place in January 2003 involving 222 wrestlers!!

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