Classic Results: ECW Breakdown 2002

ECW Breakdown! September 29, 2002, Madison Square Garden, New York City, 32,678 fans

The arena falls into total darkness, the special effects on the screen are soon to light the arena, The extreme theme song plays over the audio system, in the ring President Shane Murphy stands in the ring, the ring is covered with design for the live performance of Vynal Groove.  Kevin Kelly welcomes us to what is sure to be a fantastic night of wrestling, surprises and much more!  Sitting beside Kevin Kelly is the newest hired announcer, Vinnie Mouse!

Shane Murphy: “Ladies and Gentlemen for the soul purpose of you entertainment, Vynal Groove!”

In the ring we see the lead singer of Vynal Groove with a microphone, he begins to perform the Breakdown theme tangled, when he hits the chorus the fans erupt, then there is a sudden change, when he hits the second verse the fans are screaming, but this time they are booing…Shane Murphy is in the aisle, he has a mic…(the song is still being preformed)

Shane Murphy: “this guys sucks, why is he still in the ring???”

As the song ends, the fans join in unison booing Vynal Groove out of the ring, Shane Murphy has a different way of getting rid of him.

Shane Murphy: “I am paying you to entertain my audience, and by the sounds of there reaction, you my friend, have failed. You see we all get our time in the spotlight, unfortunately for you, you will never be seen in this town again, and I still want my fans to be entertained, after all I am the president, so as for Vynal Groove, you three minutes of fame are up!”

Out from behind the screen Red and Black Steel run into the ring, the immediately begin to destroy the lead signer, after giving him the 3-D the executed a nice dooms day device, Black then pulled a sledgehammer from under the ring, and with out ever looking back hit the lead singer right in the head, the thud was sickening! After much blood lose the Steels finally left him alone, the whole time Shane Murphy was laughing!

Match 1

Grand Title Match

Arn Anderson© V/s Attitude

When both men are in the ring, referee Earl Hebner let the two men know that the stakes in this match are very high, Earl Hebner then calls for the bell and the match is under way. Arn goes quick into Attitude with an arm drag, when Attitude gets back up, Arn takes him over again. Arn sends him into the corner, he begins to punch him down until he falls into a sitting position, Arn climbs up a rope and delivers a ten punch maneuver, when Arn steps down of the rope he helps Attitude stand to his feet, then he whips him into the corner, Attitude dodged Arn’s attempt to tackle him, now Attitude is in control, he throws Arn around the ring for a while, Arn is beginning to slow down, Attitude his also wearing down. Attitude throws Arn into the ropes, he comes back and Arn jumps over him once and nails a leap frog into a clothesline! Arn goes for then cover, only two! The fans are on there feet, pulling for Arn the whole time! Arn is first to his feet, when Attitude gets back up he hits the Attitude press on Arn!

Kevin Kelly: “Attitude has to pull out all the stops in order to win the match!”

Attitude goes for the cover; he only gets a two count! This is getting interesting! Attitude is warming up for the super kick! Arn catches his foot and tries to roll him into the Boston crab; Attitude then kicks out sending Arn flying. When they get back to their feet Arn jumps over his head once, then twice, then going for the third time, before he can hit Attitude, Attitude hits a super kick! Attitude is worried that this won’t finish Arn, he the climbs to the second rope with Arn and hits a sit down power bomb from the second rope!

Attitude goes for the cover, 1…2…3!!!

Winner and New Champ: Attitude!

Match 2

Television Title Match

Golddust© V/s Al Snow

The bizarre one Golddust comes out to a mixed reaction from the fans; Snow on the other hand has no reaction from the fans at all. The be bell sounds and the match is underway, Golddust whips Al Snow into the corner and opens up with some hard hitting chops, body slam, Golddust retains control of over the match, Golddust picks him back up for another one, Al Snow dodges and takes him down. Al begins stomping away on Golddust, he picks him and delivers a slam of his own, Al goes for a Snow Plow, Golddust slips out of it and hits a Curtain Call! He covers him only for a two count. Golddust picks Al up, whips him into the corner and hits that shattered dreams! Golddust then nails another Curtain Call; the ref is quick to recognize then cover and counts to three!

Winner and Still Champion, Golddust

After the match Golddust leaves the ringside area, as Al Snow is getting up and is ready to leave out comes President Shane Murphy! Shane then gives the following message.

Shane Murphy: “Al Snow, I think that the ECW has seen enough of you, for good! Al Snow, Your Fired!”

In the back we see Benny Mouse on the phone; Vinnie comes into his lockeroom, Vinnie is surprised to see that Benny’s soon to be ex-wife is in there with him, Benny welcomes Vinnie to the ECW and then kisses Shianne on the forehead and says that he is so glad that things could be worked out.

Match 3

Jeff Hardy V/s Raven

Raven enters the ring first, the out comes Jeff Hardy, these to waste no time and go straight at one another. Raven slams Jeff down to the mat, dropping a few elbows, then Raven picks Hardy up and throws him to the outside, when Jeff is back on his feet Raven nails an awesome dropkick from the top rope! At this point things are really looking up for Raven! Raven and Jeff fight on the outside for a couple of minutes, Hardy is then thrown straight into the post. Raven spreads Jeff’s legs apart and slams his crotch into the steel ring post!

Kevin Kelly: “that has got to hurt!”

Raven rolls Jeff back into the ring; Raven grabs the steps and throws them into the ring along with a metal sheet. Raven climbs back into the ring and hits a flying cross body block! Raven goes for the cover, Jeff kicks out on the two! Raven sets the steps up in the corner, Jeff comes running at Raven and he trips Hardy sending him face first onto the steps! Jeff is bleeding! Raven picks Jeff up for the even flow, Jeff pushes him away, Jeff nails the twist of fait, he goes to the top and hits the senton bomb! He hooks Raven’s legs and gets a near fall! Jeff picks Raven up; Raven kicks Jeff in the lower mid-section and nails the even flow DDT! Raven goes for it and gets the three!

Winner: Raven

As Raven gets up and Earl Hebner raises his hands high, Buba Ray Dudley and the Scorpion King jump into the ring and begin attacking Raven! Vinnie Mouse begins to laugh! Vinnie then reveals that he is actually the president of the new UWA and these are two of the wrestling’s members! The crowd is stunned as we see that the UWA has just invaded our company!

In the back Benny sees what has just happened, he tells security to get these punks out of his arena and to do it fast. As he gets off his phone the UWA superstar come into his lockeroom! They begin to attack the owner of the ECW! Superstars rush into the lockeroom and fight off Benny’s attackers, he appears to be alright.

Kevin Kelly: “ladies and gentlemen, as an announcer you see a lot of things, and we will just have to move on, it is now time to move on to the quadruple main event! In a last minute decision the Woody and Bret Hart match has been added to the list of tonight’s incredible main events! Let’s get down to ringside!”

Match 4

Bret “the Hitman” Hart V/s Woody

Bret comes out to a thunderous ovation; the fans are once again glad to see that the hitman is back to 100% and back to his old self again! Bret waits in anticipation for Woody. As Woody’s theme hits the crowd is booming! Woody chants begin throughout the arena! Woody comes down the ramp and steps into the ring. They lock up, Woody delivers an overhead belly to belly, Hart lands straight on his head, Woody picks him back up and nails a German suplex that sends Hart to the out side, Woody jumps over the ropes and hits a cross body block, Woody and Bret begin to brawl around the outside of the ring, Woody runs for Bret but Bret moves, this sends Woody straight into a ring post! Bret puts Woody in the ring and then raps his legs around the post to lock on a figure four! Woody is screaming in pain, Earl begins to ask if Woody gives, after about two long minutes of this hold Bret releases. He grabs Woody’s right leg and begins throwing it into the post, Woody rolls to the outside. They begin to fight up the ramp, when the reach the stage Woody nails a Woody Driver; Harts head bounces off the stage. Woody then climbs up the titan tron and executes a five star frog splash; Woody hooks the leg and gets the three!

Winner: Woody

Woody makes his way back to the ring.

Woody: “I did that frog splash for you people for a reason, I wanted to let you people know me a little better, I just want you guys to remember me when I cant wrestle anymore, because come next year, I just don’t know if I can cut it anymore. Thank you all.”

In the back we see Murphy and Shianne and Benny Mouse talking. Shianne is standing a little behind Benny. Shane Murphy tells Benny that he is just as shocked as he is, he then tells Benny to be careful about who he trusts in this industry, at this time Shianne attacks Benny from behind, Shane and Shianne continue to work together, then Shianne and Shane Murphy walk out of the locker room together, Shane turns around and says to Benny this.

Shane: “nothing personal, just business… partner!”

Match 5

Kevin Nash V/s Splinter

Back in the ring side area we see Kevin Nash making his way out to the ring. Splinter is next, the fans are louder then expected for the home town hero, Splinter’s music is hard to here over the screaming fans.

Kevin: “he is the most popular man in professional wrestling’s history, folks, there is only one Master Splinter!”

Splinter goes straight for Nash; Splinter begins kicking at Nash’s knee. Nash falls to the floor. Splinter waits for him to get back up and nails a spinning heel kick. Splinter knows that one mistake could be his last. Splinter goes to whip Nash into the corner, instead Nash reverses it. Splinter is sent into the corner with impact. Nash begins to thrust himself over into the corner, attempting to squash Splinter. Nash throws Splinter around for a little while. Splinter is getting up; Nash goes for the big boot. Splinter catches it and rolls him into the ankle lock! Nash kicks Splinter away.

Kelly: “if Splinter nails that ankle lock he will win this match”

Nash gets to his feet first, as Splinter goes up Nash hits the boot; he lifts Splinter high off the ground and delivers a Jack Knife! He picks Splinter up and continues to punish him. Nash is tossing Splinter around, out of no where Splinter nails the neck breaker! Splinter inches for the cover, the arena falls into darkness.

“Dead Man Walking!!!!”

Out comes the Undertaker! Undertaker gives the last ride to each man; he then drags Nash to the back!

After a couple of minutes the ref declares this match a no contest!

Up next, Muddy will meet Mentor!

Match 6

Muddy V/s Mentor

Everyone in the arena has been waiting for this match; Kevin Kelly decides to call this one from a monitor! Out comes Muddy. Muddy’s ovation is very impressive. Next out comes Mentor, as his music hits over the audio system a torch above the stage begins to burn brightly, Mentor stands on the stage under the torch until it burns out, he then slowly makes his way down the aisle. When he reaches the ring he breaths in deeply. Mentor then jumps over the ropes and the music is cut. Muddy and Mentor then take part in what will forever be known as the most intense moment in wrestling history, the begin circling the ring, never taking there eyes off one another, after circling once they stop and stare. Muddy raises his right arm above his head signaling for a power test. After a short moment, Mentor raises his hand and locks up with Muddy. They both put all their strength into this power test. The test seems to determine nothing, neither one can get the other down. Muddy then pushes Mentor and begins punching him in his face. Muddy and Mentor roll around the ring, hitting each other until each man is bleeding, Muddy picks up Mentor and slams him, Mentor gets back up and goes for a spear, he hits it and they both topple over the rope. On the outside they continue to brawl back and forth. Muddy sends Mentor into a pile of metal, Mentor is down. Muddy the climbs up to the tope of the screen, at least fifteen feet in the air. He is beginning Mentor to come up. Mentor then climbs up to the top; they once again begin to stare. They begin to trade punches once more. After a little while Muddy scoops up Mentor and nails a power slam onto Mentor. Mentor falls fifteen feet onto a table, the table doesn’t break! Muddy then nails a monster splash onto Mentor of the screen, the table is still together! Both men inch into the ring. After a while Muddy is the first to his feet. From under the ring he pulls out some torches, he sets up three torches on the table and sets them on fire! He then slams himself along with Mentor through a flaming table!

Kevin: “does it get any worse, my god! Somebody help these men!”

Mentor and Muddy crawl to the stage, when they make it there Muddy is finally able to stand, he picks up Mentor and goes for a power bomb, instead he slides down Muddy’s back and nails a Horn Bomb off the stage!

Kevin: “I can’t believe what I just saw! That is a nine feet fall!”

Mentor goes down to where Muddy is and covers him for three!

Kevin: “this match will be hard to top! They gave it their all and they put on one hell of a match!”

Winner: Mentor

After the match, UWA star Rex came out and attacked the to weak men!

Match 7

ECW Title Match

Chris Jericho V/s Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jericho came out to a huge ovation; the match took place in a half torn down set. Jericho and Austin went straight for each other. Fighting around the ring, Jericho sent Austin into the ring post, and then he rolled him back into the ring. Jericho picks Stone Cold up and nails a Breakdown. Jericho goes for the lionsault, instead he is caught on the knees of Austin, Austin goes for the stunner, Jericho pushed him away, he grabs Austin’s leg from under him and goes for the walls, Austin kicks him away. Austin goes for a stunner, he nails it! Only two! They once again go outside, they fight up to the stage, Austin knocks down Jericho. Jericho gets up and nails a hip toss of the stage. He then nails a lionsault for the three!

“Jericho has just did a back flip from nine feet in the air!”

Winner and Still Champion, Chris Jericho 

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