Breaking News!!

Mmouse Enterprises News Center

Knoxville, Tennessee

July 8, 2021

Reporting: Lawrence C. Mason

Chairman Mickey M. Mouse J.R. sent the following message today to the rest of the wrestling world:

“I will be holding a press conference tonight to deviate from the original plans regarding the preseason rules by announcing the full card for the show airing this Sunday. Right now, though, I am proud to announce the signing of 5 new stars to the PWI!

First and foremost, I have signed a bright new up and comer: Mia Yim, who will be the first member of her community – the Black Asian Community – to wrestle in the mainstream! I also signed British Wrestling dominant star, Pete Dunne, who will enjoy tearing his opponents fingers right off of their hands! Another signee was a talent from the Indies who is a tall high flyer: Dominik Dijakovic! Finally, the signing of which I am most proud, the powerhouse known as “Killer” Karrion Kross and his amazing valet Wife, Lady Scarlett Bordeaux!

I welcome each of these new stars to the best wrestling company on Earth and I can’t wait for the Press Conference tonight!


Mickey M. Mouse Junior

Chairman – Mmouse Enterprises”

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!

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