Esiason’s Summarized Results: The Fourth Season Fall Edition

WELCOME BACK!! This is Jeff Esiason, the Fourth Season gets underway as we cover the period between our season opener CLASH OF THE DESTINED and the Winter Pay Per View entitled THE RISING!!


So, the Fourth Season kicks off with a bang as we head immediately into our Extreme Battle Royal to crown our new Immunity Champion. I’m not even sure how many superstars entered the match, as we had quite the collection of them out there from Cesaro and Samoa Joe to Brock Lesnar and Marty Scurll. Robby Storm shined a bit in that ring and Petey Williams was eliminated in a surprising fashion. Moxley and O’Malley finally got a hold of each other and even wound up in the final four alongside Ziggler and Aleister Black. Much to my surprise, Aleister came out the victor and was crowned the new immune champion!

Following the match we transition to the locker room where Angelina Love is relaxing in her private suite. Her Allure buddies…er…servants Amber Gallows and Velvet Sky show up and she is none too pleased with them. Love warns them against failing her again and they scurry away fearful for their lives.

Next we have the Number One Contendership for the Women’s Tag Team Championship in a Triangle Match pitting the first three tag championship teams against each other (Allure, Taste of Heaven, and Team Laycool). This match gets off to a good start but the Allure swiftly takes Love’s threats seriously as they make it a point to isolate their opponents, preventing Layla from tagging in altogether and making Baker and Zevon regret tagging in. The Allure earn a resounding victory that puts them back on track to being in Love’s good graces.

Asuka and Jim Cornette are standing by with Lawrence Mason. Mason asks Cornette about his confidence in Asuka to remain at the top of her game tonight, especially as she is challenged by the iconic Amazon! Cornette reminds Mason about his resume and assures everyone that Asuka will continue to dominate the women’s division!

We now have an Open Four Corner Elimination Hardcore Match to determine Asuka’s next challenger for the Immunity Gold! The glorious chaos commences immediately as these women maul each other in an attempt to get in the ring. Torrie Wilson quickly becomes the first person to make it into the ring without any resistance! Becky Lynch comes very close several times to entering but is denied each time – primarily by the likes of Tessa Blanchard and Lacey Evans – and Zelina Vega manages to get in the ring with an assist from Ivelisse! Ivelisse opts out of competing, but decides instead to brutalize one of the other contenders before leaving. Paige and Tessa Blanchard then make their way into the match and we are off to a start. The match is highly competitive with many nice twists and neat spots, it comes down to Vega versus Paige in the end and Paige manages to eek out the victory! Great job, ladies!

In the hallway, Cornette is hyping up Asuka who is soon confronted by Paige. Paige tells Asuka that she is coming for the gold as we cut away. That’s when we see Stevie R struggling with a single push-up! He is greeted by an irritated E-Dawg who claims that Stevie is stepping on his “turf” with regards to providing tag team advice. Stevie rejects that notion and promises to keep at it as E-Dawg issues one more threat before leaving.

The Tag Team Champions – the Elite, Miz and Morrison – come down to the ring. They explain their absence from the preseason and state that it is because their “Elite” status is too great to ever be featured on anything but a “grand stage”. Their opponents in the “Invitational” turn out to be the Authors of Pain. The match itself is pretty even sided. The Elite do everything they can to stave off the brutal assault by their challengers and the momentum almost leads to new champions, but Miz and Morrison find their stride and come out victorious! Whew!

Cameras then catch a disturbing portrait of Mickey atop a mysterious room. Scott Nash is seen looking around this room when the Executioner catches him off guard and scares him. Executioner explains that Mickey had the room built before he was “admitted”. Executioner maintains his praise for Mickey all throughout as Nash seeks answers for everything that has gone on…including with the Crock. Executioner tells Nash to ignore Crock and reminds him of his sketchy reliability as a source. He reminds Nash that he is trusted by Mickey and needed to restore order to the locker room. Nash expresses that he understands.

Fitz Riot returns with another Dirt Sheet review. Fitz is pleased with the Elite – as always – and explains why they always fit into “what works”. He critiques A.O.P. for being such a powerful tag team that can’t seem to get it together, putting them in the “what won’t work” category. Finally, Riot unveils that he believes “what’s whack” is that the Elite was expected to defend their gold on the preseason! After all, in his mind, they hold THE most prestigious gold in the company right now!

We are now set for our Gauntlet Series Match to determine the Number One Contender for the World Title! Dragonfly and Brandon Lee tear down the house first in a fast paced and nail-biting scramble. Dragonfly pulls off a sneak victory by reversing an attempted Spin to the End into his devastating Dragon Twist Driver! Immediately after that bout Scott Nash and Drew McIntyre do battle and this is far more even matched than I initially anticipated. Drew’s inexperience was not overwhelmed by Nash’s experience and Nash’s age was not outpaced by Drew’s youth. The two kept each other reeling throughout the battle until Nash planted Drew with his finisher and scored the victory! Once Drew was defeated Dragonfly pounced, hoping to get the upper hand, and he did at first. However, Scott Nash found a route back to domination and the match became more of a si-saw between two exhausted legends. When it was all said and done, Nash drove Dragonfly to the mat and covered for the win!

In the hallway, as Amazon was making her way to the ring the lights were flicker badly and you could hear a creepy laugh from some other woman. What the?

In the main event we had to the Women’s Championship being defended between Asuka and Amazon. Wow, what a match! This bout went back and forth and Amazon displayed for the entire world why she has been such a dominant force in this industry, from being the second ever women’s champion all the way back in the USWA to being the first ever woman to hold a world title, Amazon has done it all, and here she is now standing toe to toe with the first ever woman to be a double champion, the impressive and intimidating Asuka! After an amazing feat of talent from both women, Asuka finally got Amazon in an Asuka lock that she couldn’t escape, forcing her to tap out!

What a Pay Per View! A great way to start the next season!!


Chairman Murrey kicks off the show with a speech about the significance of this occasion. He notes that “25 years ago today” was both the launch of WPW, the first sports entertainment project of Mmouse Enterprises, as well as the moment that this industry changed forever from being one solely associated with Murrey’s WWF to a highly-competitive industry with the rise of what would become the USWA. He promised that this company was in good hands with him as he closed.

After the opening video package and pyro we are treated to our opening bout: a No Holds Barred match between Marty Scurll and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar desires revenge for all of the hell caused by Scurll late last season and at Clash of the Destined. Scurll does a surprisingly good job of keeping up with Lesnar, but Lesnar appeared ready to win anyway…UNTIL BOBBY LASHLEY INTERFERED! Lashley spears Lesnar and hits his version of the Dominator on Lesnar, allowing Scurll to get the win!

We find ourselves in the hallway as Zelina Vega approaches Ivelisse looking for answers. Ivelisse calls herself “a bad bitch looking for another bad bitch”. She seems hopeful that Zelina got the message as Ivelisse looks to establish an alliance. Zelina appears perplexed as Ivelisse continues walking.

Montez Ford is seen all hyped up about the opportunity for his wife, Bianca Bel Air, to shine. Bianca promises her husband that she’s got this as she leaves for the ring.

Our next bout is a Stretcher Match between Bel Air and Ivelisse. It proves to be a very brutal and innovative showdown (with a major part played by Bel Air’s incredibly long hair). Bianca and Ivelisse give us a brawl shockingly more brutal than the previous one, and Bianca looks ready to win as Zelina comes in and help Ivelisse! Ivelisse manages to push Bianca out of the arena on the stretcher and wins as we seem to have a new alliance on our hands.

Murrey enters Ted Brown’s office for a little confrontation. Murrey warns Ted to “watch yourself around here” and Ted brushes the apparent threat off, reminding Murrey that he was hired by Mickey and is as protected as Mickey has been, presumably noting that Murrey can’t fire him. Murrey reiterates that he is keeping an eye on Ted as he leaves the room.

Mike O’Malley and The Guy tell Lawrence that they are ready to win their match against Jon Moxley, and assure Lawrence that they have a “plan” for doing so.

Next is the “I Quit Match” between Moxley and O’Malley. O’Malley holds his own quite well in this encounter and Moxley demonstrates just how crazy he can be. O’Malley winds up getting the upper hand with the use of a chair as a unique means of pinning Moxley to the mat and trying to get him to say the words. Moxley gets a second wind, though, and reverses the application of the chair, using it for a modified arm bar. He gets frustrated, though, and grabs a glass shard and uses it to carve into O’Malley’s arm (which is still caught up in the chair) until O’Malley says “I Quit”!

In a dark hallway, we see Bray Wyatt and the Scarecrow stalking. Bray tells Scarecrow that he must not “mess this up” because of the importance of “her”. Scarecrow proceeds as Wyatt laughs to himself about whatever it is that he has cooked up in that demented mind of his.

Angelina Love walks in on Velvet Sky and Amber Gallows getting ready for their match. She threatens them against wasting her time as she again gets violent in showing her frustration with their recent shortcomings. Sky and Gallows look to be regretting their recruitment of Love.

The Women’s Tag Team Championships are on the line as Comic Nightmare defends against the Allure. Gallows and Sky do a great job at first in isolating Starfire from Thundra, but Thundra does finally enter the match and we see her taking on her opponents nearly single-handedly. Eventually, the official gets caught up in the mix as a chair is introduced and pandemonium is unleashed. The match winds up ending in a disqualification when the referee catches Thundra defending herself by using the chair.

Fitz Riot then returns for his Dirt Sheet Review. He tells us that what works is a team like the Allure and the fact that spectators have long underestimated women’s wrestling’s potential to steal the show, even with a tag division. He likewise notes that it obviously won’t work for the Allure to get a disqualification victory and that they should look to him for advice on tag wrestling.

Following the break, Victoria catches up with Paige en route to the next match. Victoria tells Paige that she is a big fan and then she warns Paige to be careful against Asuka tonight. Paige tells Victoria that she has it under control as she heads towards the ring.

In the next bit, Sunny tags along while I give the Superstar Report on the current Top 10 in PWI. They really should fire her already. I have it all under control.

The Women’s Immunity Championship is up for grabs next as Paige challenges Asuka. This turns out to be a fantastic bout as Paige takes Asuka to her limits, with a number of great near-falls. Arguably the best match of the night, for sure. Asuka, nails a martial arts kick to Paige’s face and looks poised to win as the lights suddenly shut off! A crazy sounding music starts to play while we sit in darkness and when the lights come back on, Paige hits an inverted Paige Turner and shocks Asuka with a pinfall victory!!

It is now time for our Main Event! The World Championship is on the line as Attitude serves the role of Teo’s proxy defending against Scott Nash. This is another great match which shows us just how determined Nash is to win the gold, which would be his first in just over a decade when he lost the HCW title in 2010. Ultimately, Attitude survives when he nails a vicious Attitude Adjustment on Nash and gets the pinfall!

A great show and a great way to get us back to weekly programming!


The show kicks off with an impressive tag team match between The Undying Legends (Molly Holly and Ivory) and The Agency (Sharon Carter and Mockingbird). This match is a pretty even battle, but Molly steals the show for this encounter and helps her team pull off the victory. Stevie R will be proud!

Our next bout is a singles match between Taya Valkyrie and Emma, two of the most talked about talents in the third season. They tear down the house in this final effort to show the fans why the women do it best. Towards the end of the match we hear Michael Buffer reveal that this is a Premier Athlete Tournament Qualifier and the intensity kicks into high gear as Emma pulls it off with an incredibly painful variant of the Emma Lock submission!

When we return from a commercial, Lawrence Mason prepares us for the Spotlight Interview featuring Becky Lynch, the hottest new star in the industry. Becky notes how she plans to make her presence known here after the EWA never gave her a chance. Mason then turns her attention to her recent encounter with Angelina Love. He asks her thoughts about Love and the Allure but she barely gets to answer – only getting to say that she didn’t think much about them – before Velvet Sky and Amber Gallows interrupt her. They create a distraction, though, for Angelina Love to attack from behind as the three women pounce on Lynch. Love sends Lynch a message with a few devastating shots and the symbolic image of Love and the Allure standing tall on the stage while Lynch recovers and looks on from the ring.

Finally, it is time for our main event. Slammu enters the ring and briefly thanks everyone for their attention. He highlights the prestige of the Ascendant Championship and then steps aside to permit the introduction of the match. This match featured many crazy, high points. For starters, Montez Ford of the Street Profits dominates the first twenty some odd minutes, defeating Mr. Perfect first and then going through a handful more stars. We see the shocking return of legend Lex Luger as he reverts back to his 90’s “Narcissist” role and has a showdown with Tiny. Luger and Abyss fight to an historic draw, paving the way for the first ever double elimination from a Gauntlet Match in the mainstream. Elias steals the show for a bit and proves nearly unstoppable until he is finally taken down. Then Adam Cole stuns everyone and has an incredibly impressive streak as well. The last streak of falls goes to Kurt Angle who performs like he hasn’t since the Third Era and he damn near wins the whole thing. However, the man who beat him in the end and our inaugural Ascendant Champion is Johnny Gargano after an amazing final bout with Angle!!

Following the more than hour long match, Slammu re-enters the ring and presents the gold to Gargano, who – after a show of sportsmanship with Angle – celebrates as the show goes off the air!


We kick off the return episode of Asylum with a bang as Amazon takes on Ariel in this revisitation of a classic feud from the past! Before the bell rings we learn that this is a “Premier Athlete” qualifier and the fight gets underway. With the added prestige this fight feels just like old times and it doesn’t disappoint. Ultimately, after the legendary battle, Ariel pulls off the victory and heads to the next round!

After the break we come to the Superstar Report where I do the work while that complete waste of space sits and looks almost pretty. I give the update about the roster and reveal that we have a new number one contender for the championship. Sunny gets upset and leaves when I pay her no attention.

We then catch the Wyatt Family in an undisclosed, dim-lit location. Wyatt tells his “children” that the time strike and gain their “leverage” with “her” on behalf of “him” has arrived. What in the world is going on here?

In the next bout we the #2 ranked Riott Squad go up against the former Women’s Tag Team Champions, Team Laycool. This match is pretty decent and sees both teams displaying their talents. Ultimately, though, the Squad defeats the former champs and reportedly earned their way into the number one slot for tag title contention.

Fitz Riot returns with a “Dirt Sheet Review” on Tag Team Wrestling. Reminding everyone yet again about his self-proclaimed expertise, Riot shares that he believes that the Riot Squad exhibits “What Works” because of their effective tag team cohesion. He felt that the current “distraction” of McCool and Layla displays what “Won’t Work”, and finally he opines that the lack of time allotted for Women’s Tag action is “What’s Whack” considering the immense pool of talent we see in the division.

Next we see Stevie R trying to educate the Undying Legends (Molly Holly and Ivory) on how to workout. Holly points out that Stevie R isn’t even doing his single push-up properly. Stevie responds that he earned his turtle elbow pads and legendary status because he knows what he is doing. We learn that Stevie accidentally gave the Legends a cookbook for “Turtle Stew” instead of the Tag Team Guide “authored by Booker D”. He leaves – but not before forgetting how many tag title reigns he and Booker had -, proclaiming that following him will earn them greatness – unlike following Fitz, who Stevie seems to be jealous of – and Ivory seems to agree with him.

Our next bout is an incredible showdown between Maria (the underdog, for sure) and the amazingly talented Gail Kim. Maria puts up a much better fight than anyone expected, especially Gail. Kim – who is one of the women already qualified for the tournament – barely manages to pull off a victory. A lot of respect was earned for Maria here.

Scott Nash is stopped by Dragonfly in the hallway. Dragonfly tells Nash that he basically sees right through him, and he advises Nash to retire, instead of serving as little more than Mickey’s lackey in the locker room. Nash tells Dragonfly that he “couldn’t be more wrong” about Nash, and Dragonfly more or less shrugs it off as he walks away.

Alexa Bliss is in her locker room alongside Slammer when Tessa Blanchard suddenly comes in the room. Alexa is surprised to see her and Slammer is ready to remove her head as she approaches “the Goddess”. Tessa tells Alexa that she wanted to express her respect for Alexa’s skills and reveal that she was “wrong about” Alexa. Alexa revels in the praise and tells Tessa that she and Slammer will be keeping an eye on Tessa, adding that Tessa “isn’t so bad afterall”. Tessa leaves and Alexa smirks and giggles about the moment.

The in-ring debut of Bobby Lashley is coming up next as he takes on Mark Henry in what is quickly revealed as a Premier Qualifier. The match is a brief display of brute strength by both powerhouses, but Mark Henry’s strength comes up short against the added speed and agility of Mr. Lashley, whom nails the Dominator and scores the qualifying pinfall. After the match, we see Marty Scurll come out and stand on the stage alongside Lashley when the camera cuts.

After the commercial break, we see Interim Asylum Commissioner Ted Brown with headphones in and talking with someone on his laptop as Blade watches TV in a relaxed position on the couch. Ted sends some kind of file to the mystery person and gets up to walk around. Ted initially expresses near regret for getting himself involved, but then promises to whip this brand and company into shape.

We then have our main event match between Dragonfly and Scott Nash. The brawl is pretty much even for the most part, with Dragonfly using his superior speed, agility, and mastery of submission skills while Nash responds time and time again with his great strength. Nash takes a scary bump off the top rope to the floor alongside Dragonfly, though Nash’s neck and head got the worst of it. Dragonfly seizes on the weakness and taunts Nash while having him in a head scissors submission. Dragonfly reminds Nash that he is nothing but Mickey’s thug, and Nash viciously responds by powering out of the hold and hitting three consecutive powerbombs. His last powerbomb was intentionally through a table that he set up, earning him a disqualification.

Nash went to continue his vicious attack on Dragonfly, but Earl Hebner got in the way and himself became the target of Nash’s rage, as Hebner was himself soon a victim of the powerbomb. Big Daddy Cruel Nash then stood tall over Hebner as Dragonfly remained motionless on the broken table outside in a powerful image as we cut to the end of the broadcast.


The return of Legends kicked off with a bang as YMCA took on the War Raiders. This was an excellent match to start the action as both teams looked great here. YMCA – the number one contenders – stood their ground and picked up the victory in the end. Stellar!

We come back from the break and we see Fitz Riot with his Dirt Sheet Review. He told us that the cohesion of YMCA is “working”, the lack of consistency for the War Raiders “won’t work”, and that it is still “whack” that the Elite are not THE topic of conversation. The Elite happened to be standing by with Fitz as they proclaimed to the world that they will keep them hungry for Elite appearances week after week (including next week during the next “Elite Invitational”).

Zelina Vega is about to head to the ring when she asks Ivelisse to stay in the hallway. Zelina wants to prove that she can do this on her own, and Ivelisse respects such. The next match is then pitting Zelina against Carmella. This is another great bout as both women give it their all. Carmella almost gets the best of Zelina, but Miss Vega overcomes the challenge and picks up the victory as Ivelisse celebrates with her.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are in the locker room chatting when Peyton Royce and Billie Kay interrupt. Kay and Peyton point out how both teams have been ignored for the most part as of late and Mandy shuts them down. The IIconics insist on a match at the next episode of Ascendants, but Fire and Desire reject them. IIconics promise to get their match one way or another.

Taya Valkyrie is standing by with Lawrence Mason who asks Taya about her thoughts regarding facing Becky Lynch. Taya expresses how she has displayed her talents in PWI since last year and that Becky is not about to come in and siphon attention from her. In the next bout, Taya enters the ring and is ready to do battle with Becky Lynch when it is announced that this match will be a Premier Tournament Qualifying match! The bout is even better than the previous two matches of the night as both women tear the house down. Becky seems poised to win when Taya manages to get her out of the ring. Suddenly, Amber Gallows shows up and distracts Taya and the referee. Then, Velvet Sky shows up and distracts the referee as Taya is still paying attention to Amber. With everyone looking the other way, Angelina Love rushes to the scene next to Becky and nails her with the Lights Out Superkick before rolling her into the ring and fleeing. Gallows and Sky leave as well, leading the confused Taya to notice Becky. She then hits her own finisher and gets the pinfall victory to qualify for the tournament.

In the Superstar Report, I am sitting alone doing my job as Sunny is AWOL. I tell the audience that she is having an important doctor’s appointment and I give a professional report up until Sunny assaults me unprovoked and prematurely ends our segment!

We then see Becky Lynch showing her frustrations in the locker room when she is approached by Madison Rayne. Rayne tries to calm Becky down and warn her against crossing the Allure. Becky pushes back and tells Rayne that she doesn’t trust her considering Rayne’s past with the group as she leaves. In our next match, Rayne has to get over being brushed aside by Becky Lynch because Rayne takes on Emma. Emma and Rayne put on a fantastic brawl. This proves to be an amazing night for women’s action. The battle is close, but Emma stuns everyone when she picks up the victory by submission!

Finally, we have our MAIN EVENT! It is for the world title as Attitude defends yet again on behalf of Teo, this time against recent ally for Teo: Rhyno. This is a great match. Both men give it their all, and we see Rhyno show glimpses of his old self from 17 years ago back in the UWA. Still, Attitude pulls off another amazing win!

Rhyno rejects a handshake offer from Attitude, making it obvious that he is distrustful of Attitude. Then, after Rhyno leaves, Randy Savage rushes into the ring and attacks the proxy champion! This is seemingly done on behalf of Randy Savage’s former NWO leader, Scott Nash, who challenged Attitude weeks ago. Rhyno reenters the scene and saves the day for Attitude. Rhyno stares down Attitude again as they back away from each other and the broadcast ends.


The night kicked off with a great match to qualify for the premier tournament between Tessa Blanchard and Allie. In the end, Alexa Bliss came down and distracted the referee long enough for Slammer to crush Allie’s skull, allowing Tessa – who Miss Bliss defeated in the finals of last season’s tournament – to qualify.

In the Superstar Report, Sunny stank up the place. Big shocker.

Stevie R was then seen apparently masturbating to the slutbag stealing my show and he was upset about being caught by Lawrence. He commented that he is here to impart his tag team expertise onto all and that he will see to it that the Undying Legends rise to the top. In the next match, the Undying Legends sadly fall short after a valiant effort against the number three contenders for the Women’s Tag Titles, the Riott Squad.

Iron Claw is the seen entering the men’s locker room as Mike O’Malley, The Guy, and Baron Corbin are chatting, lounging, and watching TV. Iron Claw expresses his disgust with the sight he sees of laziness and luxury in the locker room. He claims he will be around for a while to toughen the locker room up after confronting all three men. Before he leaves he destroys the television.

Cornette is the seen talking with Asuka in the hallway when you hear a sudden creepy voice whisper “Asuka” before the lights go out. We also hear that familiar Wyatt Family noise before the camera cuts. Hmm.

Bobby Lashley then squares off against Robby Storm in an incredible and brief brawl. Bobby wins in huge fashion and Marty Scurll makes his way to the ring afterwards. He offers Robby a spot in “Villain Enterprises”, which Robby rejects. That then leads to a beat down by new Enterprise member Mark Henry before all three Enterprise members beat the hell out of Storm.

We return from commercial and see carnage in the locker room with Petey Williams and Brandon Lee laid out alongside furniture and a locker knocked over. This crazy scene is accompanied by a giant concrete slap with an inscription on it which reads “The Apocalypse is coming”.

The next bout turns out to be an incredible and bloody showdown for the Women’s Immunity Championship as Paige defends against Victoria. Paige retains in brutal fashion and I am here for it!

In the main event, we see the Elite Invitational for the Tag Team Championships with the Elite defending against Los Guerreros, the number two (announcers were stupid and said “number three”) contenders. This showdown is another show stealer and displays why our tag division is truly unrivaled. Elite wins the match and the show comes to a stellar close!


Ascendants makes a great and exciting return with an opening bout between Fire & Desire and The Agency. IIconics were undoubtedly irritated by this snub, but it paid off for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville as they defeated the number three contenders for the Tag Titles!

Our next match turned out to be a Premier Tournament Qualifying match between Jeff Jarrett and Matt Taven. These two guys put on a hell of a show, but Jarrett won by forcing Taven to submit to the Figure Four Leglock. After the match, Taven displayed his anger by viciously attacking Jarrett.

Next was the Spotlight Interview featuring the inaugural Ascendant Champion Johnny Gargano! Gargano started to talk about his history in the independent circuit and how he became “Johnny Wrestling” when he was suddenly interrupted by Adam Cole. Cole reminded Gargano that they have history and warned Gargano that he will soon be dropping the belt to Mr. Cole!

The next match was set to be an interesting battle of randomly assembled tag teams pitting Perfect and Anvil against Nakamura and DDP, but the fun didn’t even get to begin before Mickey’s Henchmen Abyss and Kurgan rushed into the ring and proceeded to decimate everyone in sight! At the end of the broadcast we see the Number Three Contenders for the Men’s Tag Titles standing tall above the damage they’ve done.


This show kicks off with Becky Lynch taking on Velvet Sky. As can be expected, both ladies tore into each other and the people were treated to a great showdown. In the end, Becky latched on a Disarm-Her and forced Velvet to tap out!

In the back, we see Fire and Desire talking as the IIconics angrily approach them, stating how jealous they are that Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville chose to fight the Agency at Ascendants instead of them. Mandy chided Peyton and Billie, stating that they are barely worth the time and pointing out that the victory secured by Fire and Desire at Ascendants allowed them to topple and replace the Number Three Contenders for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Fire and Desire then boastfully left the room, leaving the IIconics to seethe.

Next we had Lawrence Mason standing by with Jon Moxley. He asked Moxley if he was ready for another encounter with Samoa Joe. Moxley noted that Samoa Joe is tough, but he isn’t prepared to meet Moxley’s determination and the “unscripted” violence he brings to the ring. Then, in their match – which is announced as a Premier Qualifying Match – Moxley and Joe tear it up in the ring in an even back and forth brawl. Moxley eventually gets the upper hand, managing to hit his Paradigm Shift DDT, but as the referee is counting O’Malley sneaks in, pulls the ref out, hides under the ring as the ref looks around confused. However, when the referee goes to look under the ring, O’Malley slides out from a different side of the ring, hits Moxley over the back with a barbwire bat, then nails him with the Best Damn Finisher before draping Joe’s hand over Moxley and running away. The referee then returns and counts to give Joe the victory!

Catherine is then seen in the hallway walking somewhere when Ted Brown suddenly stops her and tries to make “friendly” conversation; remarking that they have worked together in the past, to which Catherine retorts that those weren’t good times. Catherine seems irritated at his presence and insists on knowing why he is in the building. Ted lets her know that he was just taking a look for himself at the future “Friday Show”. Catherine reminds him that his stay is “temporary”. However, Ted indicates that may not be the case, basically telling her “you wish” before he leaves with Catherine angrily confused.

Chairman Murrey is then seen in his office as he welcomes the Proxy World Champion Attitude in. Attitude sits down and Murrey presses him about Teo’s return, reminding him that Teo has until November 30th – at “A Night of Violence” – to get back to defend the world title or he will be stripped of it. Attitude assures Jeff that Teo will be back, and Jeff informs him that the one hurdle he must overcome is one more title defense at Thanksgiving Brawl (the 3rd such event and the 5th ever Mmouse Enterprise Thanksgiving event) against the number one contender: Dragonfly!! Attitude doesn’t seem too happy about it, but he shows that he understands and that he will do his job before leaving the office.

In our next match, Aleister Black defended his Immunity Championship in what he calls a “Pick a Fight” match against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler gives Aleister quite the fight, and his momentum almost carries him to victory until Aleister catches him with a devastating Black Mass kick which allows him to retain the title after a pinfall!

Returning to the back, Mike O’Malley rushes into an undisclosed room and appears winded and even hiding. Following him – unexpectedly for O’Malley – is Iron Claw, who arrives and gives O’Malley an applause. O’Malley seems stunned to see Iron Claw. Claw tells Mike that he is finally seeing O’Malley act like “the Best”, and that he wants to see more of it. Mike tries to insist that he has always been, but Iron Claw has none of this. Iron Claw repeats that he had told Slammu weeks ago that he was going to be around for a while, and he notes that he will be leaving his mark on the company in a significant way before he leaves O’Malley alone.

Amazon takes on Maria in our next match, and it is an impressive encounter. Maria gives the iconic Amazon a run for her money, and damn near wins the match. However, Amazon pulls off the win in decisive fashion with a pinfall after her Triple Powerbomb! After the match, Amazon and Maria display some sportsmanship, giving us a good moment to remember.

Finally, it is time for our Main Event, as Angelina Love challenges Asuka for the Women’s Championship! This bout is everything that you could expect of a Main Event between two top women in this era. Angelina gives Asuka her best and vice versa! Soon, though, Asuka appears to successfully lock in the Asuka Lock, and as she has it locked in, the lights suddenly go out!! Then, a mysterious flashing light (unlike any of our normal flashing lights) gives off an ominous feeling as a mystery figures appears from the abyss (as it seems) tackles Jim Cornette and then drags Asuka off into the dark! When the lights return, Earl Hebner looks around for Asuka before calling for the bell and Buffer announces a “No Contest”. Immediately afterwards, Becky Lynch’s music hits as she comes charging into the ring for Angelina Love! The Allure steps in to protect their leader, but Becky is fighting back, and she is soon joined by Madison Rayne! Rayne and Becky clean house, with Becky forcing Love to tap to the Disarm-Her! The show then closes as Becky and Madison stand tall while the Allure is frustrated and standing on the stage!


The show kicks off with a Premier Qualifying Match between Daisy Buffer and Kelly Kelly. Commentary reveals that Chairman Murrey is so annoyed by Daisy’s voice that he has warned her against speaking again lest she be subjected to punitive action! Daisy impresses and displays her incredible talent and strength, eventually forcing Kelly to submit to a vicious-looking Camel Clutch!

The next bout is between Elias and Adam Cole (BAY-BAY!!) with both men ready to prove themselves. Elias is obviously bigger and stronger than Cole, but that doesn’t stop Cole, who is obviously more cunning than most of the locker room. Cole makes a major impact as he manages to pick up the victory! Afterwards, he looks into the camera and offers a warning for the Ascendant Champion, Johnny Gargano. Cole’s gunning for him!

The Spotlight Interview is next, and the guest is Victoria. Lawrence asks Victoria how she has been feeling since their previous Spotlight Interview in the Spring. Victoria responds that she knows that she has “come close” quite a bit since then to returning to the top, but that it isn’t enough for her. After she is pressed by Lawrence about the future of her career, Victoria reveals that she is thinking about “going a different direction” if she fails to capture the Women’s Championship by the end of this season!! Wow!!

In the main event of the evening, we have a triple threat tag team match pitting the teams of Shinsuke and DDP as well as Anvil and Perfect against the team which decimated them a week ago: the Henchmen. For a moment, last week’s victim teams do a good job of combating Kurgan, by isolating him and keeping Abyss out of the ring. However, once those teams started to focus on each other, it opened the door to Abyss getting involved, wrecking everyone in sight, and allowing Kurgan and himself to pick up the win!! The show then comes to an end with the Henchmen standing tall yet again…as a warning sign to the Elite!


We kick off the show with a women’s tag team match. Zelina Vega and Ivelisse tag up for the first time ever against the IIconics. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay have been begging Fire and Desire for a match for weeks and instead they get this match. Ivelisse and Zelina just about dominate the match too, with their victory leaving the IIconics smarting yet again.

Our next match is a “battle of the beasts”. Well, it was poised to be one until Abyss obliterated Tiny. This match was entirely one sided and left Tiny defeated as a monstrous Abyss sent a warning sign to the entire locker room.

It was announced that this next match was a Premier Qualifying match between Madison Rayne and Ruby Riott. With the stakes raised, both women brought their best. The si-saw battle looked like it was favoring Ruby until Madison pulled off a surprise roll up victory pinfall!

Next, we had two very athletic talents in Christopher Daniels and Scorpion squaring off. This showdown so impressed the crew in the back that it was announced after about seven minutes that the match was another Premier Qualifying match. Daniels eventually eeked out a victory, solidifying his spot in the tournament.

We then had Lawrence Mason introducing the legendary Iron Claw for the Spotlight Interview. Iron Claw explained that he came back because when he was at EWA’s “Retro Revolution” it made him think about what the business needs: determination, drive, and fear. Lambasting the current athletes and fanbase, Claw reminded Lawrence that Claw comes from a different time when championships mattered as did opportunities to rise above. He also attacked people who claimed that Slammu was made by Splinter. He stated that it was actually he – Iron Claw – who pushed Slammu to become the best in the world. Finally, when pressed about whether he felt anyone today had what it takes to meet Iron Claw’s standards, Iron Claw responded merely that we will all see soon enough.

Then we came to our Main Event to determine Ascendant Champion Johnny Gargano’s challenger at the Spotlight as Adam Cole, Kurt Angle, and Andrade battled in a triple threat match. This was definitely a battle worth watching as all three men had a chance to shine and displayed why exactly they were selected to be in this bout. It all came to a crazy end as Angle stopped Andrade from a sure victory, Cole took out Angle, and then Cole finished Andrade with the “Last Shot” and covered for the victory to become the number one contender!

Good show and now we head to the return of an old Mmouse Enterprises tradition!!


After the show kicks off with a great opening package and pyro, we are treated to an opening bout featuring the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Comic Nightmare defends against their feisty challengers, the Riott Squad. This match was closer than Thundra and Starfire thought it would be, but ultimately the champions wound up retaining.

After the commercials we return to see Scott Nash bump into Ted Brown in the hallway. Nash is none too pleased to see his former rival in HCW. Brown tells Nash that he was hired to – among other things – make sure that Nash does what is expected of him. Nash presses back and indicates that he doesn’t need Brown as a babysitter. Brown leaves Nash and the audience with the impression that Nash is on Brown’s radar.

Aleister Black then defends his Immunity Championship against Brandon Lee. Lee puts on a hell of a match and comes very close to winning the gold. However, as soon as the match ends it is announced that the two will face off in a premier qualifying match and Lee quickly takes advantage of this match redo, defeating Black for the coveted spot in the career-changing tournament.

Catherine Mouse then enters Jackie Mouse’s locker room, imploring her daughter to speak with her and forgive her. Jackie demands that he mother leave her alone, but Catherine refuses/ Jackie then leaves the room, leading Catherine to follow behind. Out of nowhere, we see Bray Wyatt come out of the shadows of the room, showing that he had been watching all along.

Stevie R is then seen “training” the Undying Legends for “tag team greatness”. They complain about it being too cold to exercise and that their arms are tired. Stevie threatens to cancel his training, but the team begs him to continue. So, the training session resumes.

In the next bout, we have a triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the world title at “A Night of Violence”. Bray Wyatt, Scott Nash, and Rhyno square off in this contest to challenge for Teo’s gold. The match is pretty evenly matched and highlights why each of these participants are here. However, just as it seemed like the match was coming to an end the lights go out and we suddenly see FRED in the ring!! FRED (who is also a top contender for the gold, but I digress) decimates Nash and Rhyno, leaving the wreckage for Bray to capitalize on and seize the win! Following the match, we see some taunting by Bray aimed at Nash before he disappears.

Alexa Bliss and Slammer are then seen waiting in a room as Tessa Blanchard arrives. Tessa wonders why Alexa wanted her in the tournament and Alexa tells Tessa that she should just be more concerned with fulfilling her duties. Tessa leaves, suggesting that she understands what is to be done.

Next, we see the remote dungeon with the Crock crying. The Executioner shows up and demands that Crock give up the information that he supposedly possessed. Crock insists that he was merely joking. Executioner is not impressed and leaves, instructing Crock to ring a bell when he is “ready to talk”. Crock screams for help as the camera cuts back to the ring again.

Paige defends her Women’s Immunity Championship against the exceedingly talented Gail Kim. This brawl si-saws back and forth and seems headed in Paige’s direction when Tessa Blanchard emerges, distracting Paige and allowing Gail to get a surprise victory over the champion! However, it is announced that a point of privilege is being exercised for Goddess Bliss – as proscribed by Bliss when she was “Boss for a Day” – that one of her “subjects” will be inserted in this match, making it an elimination Triangle Match! Gail is caught off guard as Tessa jumps in and winds up defeating Gail Kim to become the new Immunity Champion!

We then see a gathering of Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley, and Marty Scurll. Marty calls them “Villain Enterprises” and promises “great things” for his new stable, including a world title run for himself and a tag title run for Lashley and Henry. Lashley pushes back against the tag title run suggestion, saying that he wants the world title. Marty promises that Lashley will get his “shot” eventually. Henry and Lashley reluctantly come around to agree with Marty that staying united in their mission will get them to their goals faster.

In our next contest, the Tag Team Champion – the Elite – defend against the monstrous number one contenders: the Henchmen. This becomes quite the barnburner and the tag champions BARELY manage to overcome the challenge, retaining the gold!

Following the tag match, Fitz Riot hosts another “Dirt Sheet Review” wherein he highlights that “Tag Team Wrestling” is “what works”, Underestimating the Elite and Comic Nightmare is “what won’t”, and that “what’s whack” is the incredible strength or Abyss and Thundra!

Mike O’Malley and Iron Claw seem to be leaving the building when Jon Moxley ambushes them! Moxley sends a message to both men with this assault (accidentally knocking Claw down, but expressing no regret for doing so). Iron Claw scowls at Moxley as we cut to the ring.

Asuka is now set to defend the women’s championship against Alexa Bliss. Bliss holds her own for a while until Asuka return the fire with overwhelming force. This leads to the new immunity champion Tessa Blanchard intervening. Since Tessa can’t be punished Alexa can’t be disqualified! Eventually, Tessa exploits her immunity to allow Slammer to intervene behind the official’s back. After all the mayhem and the impressive display of a fighter’s spirit found in Asuka, Alexa eeked out a victory, capturing the gold! Following the match, after Bliss and company left the ring, Cornette is tending to Asuka when the lights go out and…Living Dead Girl returns looking more intimidating than ever!! Living Dead Girl assaults Cornette and then lets out a warrior’s scream at Asuka before disappearing much like FRED earlier!

Finally, we have our MAIN EVENT for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! Dragonfly challenges against Attitude who continues to fight on behalf of the injured Teo. This is a classic in the making as these men tear the damn house down! By some miracle, when it is all said and done, Attitude defeats the incredibly gifted Dragonfly to retain for Teo!!

Another great show comes to an end and we head to Ascendants!


The show kicks off with a tag team match. Street Profits and the Revival are ready for action when some unknown music plays, followed by two Luchadores wearing matching outfits come down to the ring. Commissioner Slammu happily comes down, welcomes everyone to the show, and then introduces the “newly signed” tag team, the “Super Luchadores”. He then inserts this team into the match. As the match kicks off we see all three teams giving their best effort, but the Super Luchadores dominating and coming out the victors!

Next, we see Elias and Chaz go toe to toe in a match which is preannounced as another Premier Qualifying match. Chaz and Elias both put on a great match here, and I think we come away wishing both could qualify. However, Elias stuns Chaz by reversing a DVD attempt into a Drift Away, allowing Elias to pick up the win!

We then see Lawrence getting ready to interview Andrade in the Spotlight Interview. Andrade talks about his impressive showing last week in the match to determine Gargano’s first challenger. He states that he and his “amigos” have “big plans” for the PWI and that we have to “wait and see”.

Now it is time for our main event! Becky Lynch takes on Amber Gallows in this impressive bout fitting for a main event. After enduring quite the beating from the Allure’s powerhouse, Becky steals another win here with the DisArm-Her and the staredown between Gallows and Lynch tells us that the story is far from over.

Great episode of Ascendants, and now we head to A Night of Violence!


The show kicks off with a banger of a ladder match, featuring a number of great teams (Untouchables, New TNT, American Alpha, YMCA, AOP, War Raiders, Los Guerreros, Henchmen) with the prize being a contract suspended above the ring giving the winners a shot at the Elite at “Rising”. This match was complete pandemonium from start to finish and by an incredible miracle , the rookies American Alpha (Chad Gable and Jason Jordan) won the match!

In the hallway, we see Jackie Mouse looking scared as she makes her way down the hall. She seemingly hurries into a room that is closest to her just before the Wyatt Family’s Scarecrow emerges and passes the room by.

The Women’s Immunity Championship is now up for grabs as the former champion Paige is granted a rematch against the new champion, Tessa Blanchard. Both women put up a fight for the gold, but Tessa winds up retaining after executing her Devil Lock DDT.

Lawrence Mason is now standing by with Becky Lynch. Lynch tells Mason that she is ready for whatever Angelina Love throws at her, saying that she wants the mystery opponent to be Love herself, but she suspects it may be a handicap match (which she welcomes as well).

Catherine Mouse then finds Scott Nash and thanks him for being in the building. She acknowledges that while she may disagree with her father’s actions/behavior and while she also distrusts Nash, she also recognizes that Nash was an effective locker room leader when the company needed him in the past. She requests that Nash remain available in case he is called upon to lead. Nash suspects the intentions, but he agrees to stand by.

Next is a No Disqualification match between Robby Storm and Bobby Lashley. Storm fights well, and gives Bobby a run for his money, but Bobby manages to sneak a win in here and Robby tries to escape, but the rest of Villain Enterprises makes their way to the ring. The Official is able to get Robby out of dodge as Scurll goes on a rant about Villain Enterprises running the show, but Triple H (who was under the ring unconscious since the opening match) emerges to try and go to the back. Marty is not happy with the interruption and has Lashley and Henry deal with Triple H. They decimate “The Game” until Test comes running down to the ring. After he does so, Villain Enterprises surrounds the team until Brock Lesnar’s music suddenly hits! Lesnar returns and obliterates Villain Enterprises, standing tall as we head to a break!

Teo suddenly returns!! The champion shows up in Murrey’s office, and the Chairman tries to give Teo a “welcome back” hug, but Teo acts a little sore. Murrey admonishes Teo about his condition and reminds him that he will be stripped of the gold if he is incapable of competing against Bray Wyatt tonight. Teo indicates that he wants to compete and Murrey says that is up to the medical team. After some apparent confusion over Attitude’s role over the past couple of months as Proxy Champion, Teo insists that he be allowed to compete. Murrey says it is for Teo’s own good, and Teo is furious before he leaves.

Jon Moxley is seen walking down the hallway when he is suddenly attacked by Mike O’Malley. Jon fights back, but his response is cut short by Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler, whom join O’Malley in the assault. O’Malley introduces Moxley to “The Best League” before they leave Moxley laid out on the floor.

It is now time for Becky Lynch to exact some revenge for what the Allure has been doing to her. As she awaits her opponent, the Allure make their way to the ring. Everyone thinks that Becky is going to take on Love, but Angelina ruins her hopes by introducing a new member of the Allure: Harley Quinn! Quinn attacks from the crowd and the match commences. Becky looked poised to win again, but with the help of the Allure’s distraction, Love interferes, permitting Quinn to hit what she calls the “Code of Quinn”, and getting the victory.

In the back, the Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is in her locker room with Slammer when the Immunity Champion Tessa Blanchard arrives. Alexa congratulates her “subject” on a job well done and says that with Tessa’s help, everyone else will either bow or pay a price. Tessa doesn’t look too enthused, but Alexa is pleased either way.

Next, we have a fatal four way to determine Alexa’s challenger at “Rising”, pitting Asuka, Emma, Victoria, and Mandy Rose against each other. Like the opening bout, this match is chaotic, with each woman enjoying their respective moment in dominance. When Asuka came to dominate, though, Living Dead Girl made a surprise appearance and took Asuka away, leaving the other three to fend for themselves. The si-saw continued until Victoria and Mandy Rose were in a double-pinning combination via a belly-to-back suplex pin. The Chairman ruled via Buffer’s headset that both Victoria and Mandy Rose would challenge Alexa at “Rising”. Another fight breaks out between the three women as the official tries to intervene and as we cut to a commercial.

The time now comes for our main event for the World Championship! Bray Wyatt enters the ring and is ready for the battle to come. Teo then limps down to the ring, but Earl Hebner checks him to make sure that he is ready. Hebner communicates with Buffer, and Buffer informs the audience that Earl has determined that Teo is in no condition to fight. Chairman Murrey makes his way to the ring and apologizes to Teo about what he has to do: strip Teo of the gold!  Teo angrily throws the championship to Murrey before limping his way to the back as the crowd chants his name. Murrey then addresses Wyatt, saying that he will do whatever it takes to prevent Wyatt from taking this championship “without a fight”. He then introduces Teo’s replacement to compete in this match for the “Vacated” title: Scott Nash! As the match begins, Bray clearly enjoys the opportunity to taunt Nash, but Nash is not impressed. In the end, though, after all the taunting and Nash’s ability to push back with force, Bray seems poised to win with the Sister Abigail, but the lights flicker and we suddenly see Nash laying on top of Bray. Nash freaks out, because he has no idea how or why he was on top of Bray. He then picks Bray up, Jackknifes him, and then covers for the win! As Nash celebrates, Bray disappears with the help of the lights, and Nash looks freaked out again as the camera cuts.


The show kicks off with the final premier qualifying match which pits Kurt Angle against Shinsuke Nakamura. After a very hard fought battle, Nakamura picks up the victory and heads to the Quarter Semifinals!

Then, just as we are getting set for a match between Stevie R’s Undying Legends and the IIconics, Fire and Desire attack the IIconics before they can finish their entrance. Leaving Peyton Royce and Billie Kay decimated, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville send a message to their newfound enemies. Stevie R encourages his team to seize the moment, which they oblige, Peyton assures the ref that the IIconics still want to fight, but the match is not much of a match as Ivory and Molly make quick work of their beaten down opponents.

In the Spotlight Interview, Commissioner Slammu has some comments about Andrade’s plans for the company and he connects that to Iron Claw’s meddling ways. Slammu warns Iron Claw against corrupting Mmouse Enterprises “again”, and then he announces the card for the Spotlight!

Finally, we have our main event! Andrade takes on Diamond Dallas Page in a great si-saw battle! Andrade winds up pulling off the victory, but he isn’t finished with DDP! He introduces his “amigos” which turns out to be the “Super Luchadores” Wilde and Mendoza! Andrade then notes that he, Wilde, and Mendoza have come together to honor the memory of their hero from AAA wrestling: Del Fantasma and that they have formed Legados Del Fantasma (Legacy of the Ghost) to honor him by taking control of PWI.

The show concludes with the intimidating image of Andrade and the Super Luchadores standing tall over the fallen DDP.


Show kicks off with a stellar opening video package, epic pyro, and a great fatal four way to determine Scott Nash’s first challenger at Rising. FRED, Brandon Lee, Rhyno, and Slammer go at it in this brawl and the back and forth soon becomes one sided as FRED dominates and seems poised to win. Then, Bray Wyatt comes down, drops to his knees, and suddenly takes FRED away! When the lights come back on, Rhyno is laying on top of Lee, allowing Rhyno to become the number one contender!

In the hallway we see Ivelisse and Zelina talking. Ivelisse insists that this match with Maria is beneath Zelina. Zelina insists that she has an obligation to stick to her scheduled encounter with Maria, despite what Ivelisse wants (which is for her and Vega to enter the tag team Bedlam later on) and she leaves for the ring.

Next, we see Becky Lynch with Lawrence Mason. Becky tells Lawrence that she is tired of Love’s games and wants her one on one in the ring.

Back at ringside we prepare for a match between Vega and Maria. This turns out to be a decent match to cool down from the fatal four way we saw beforehand. Maria gives Zelina a scare, though, almost winning, but Ivelisse comes down and helps her partner pick up the win.

Becky is seen walking in the parking lot – seemingly irritated that she is left without an answer from Angelina – when Angelina Love suddenly attacks her. Love then hits her with a dumpster and a bunch of weapons from inside of the dumpster before leaving her laid out and assuring her that the two will meet one on one at Rising!

Stevie R is then seen training the Undying Legends on the need to master a headstand. He teaches them that doing so will allow them to pave a path to tag team greatness. Molly falls and Stevie warns her against doing so, saying it could cost them the main event match tonight! Ivory falls too, saying it is too difficult. Stevie tries to warn them again, and insists that they get back to it.

In our next match, Jon Moxley takes on Best League member Cesaro. This is a pretty good match that is relatively even between both. Besides Cesaro’s best efforts, Moxley pulls off the win!

In the locker room for Villain Enterprises, Bobby Lashley is visibly getting annoyed with Mark Henry for standing in front of the television. Mark Henry looks like he is ready to square up with Bobby before Marty Scurll comes in the room and stops it. He tells the two of them that they need to be on the same page to take down Lesnar and take over the company. Henry leaves the room and Bobby gets back to watching TV.

We are then treated to Chairman Murrey in his Suite having private television time when he is abruptly interrupted by Co-Vice Chairwoman Catherine Mouse. Catherine insists that Murrey do something about Mickey and Ted Brown. Murrey – agitated because he has been interrupted – reminds Catherine that this is how her father operates and that she should just get used to it. Catherine isn’t happy, but suddenly Jackie Mouse comes bursting in the room, crying for help, saying “they’re after me!” Catherine demands to know “who”, but Jackie is not happy to see her. Instead of saying “who”, Jackie tells Catherine it is all her fault before bursting out of the room in tears. Murrey kicks Catherine out too in order to get back to his private time.

In the next match, Brock Lesnar is taking on Mark Henry. This match starts off with Henry being subjected to the so-called “suplex city” before Mark fights back. The match shifts to a more balanced bout before Lesnar gets a second wind. Eventually, the back and forth ends when Lesnar nails the F-5 and secures the victory! After the match, though, Marty Scurll and Bobby Lashley come down. Marty tells Lesnar that he is impressed with him, but that Lesnar still has yet to prove himself against Lashley. Lesnar then accepts…for Rising!!

In an exclusive interview we see Teo sitting at home. Teo explains to Lawrence Mason that he is on the shelf for a while. Obviously, he isn’t happy with Murrey’s decision to strip him of the gold, but he understands why. He then promises that he will be champion again as soon as he returns!

Finally, we have our crowded MAIN EVENT! The Bedlam Match to determine the number one contenders for the Women’s Tag Team Championship involved EVERY SINGLE women’s tag team except for the champions themselves. Surprisingly, Ivelisse and Zelina Vega even joined in! The rules were that falls counted anywhere and that it was ONE FALL to a finish! The chaos quickly erupted as the teams tore into each other. We even saw a nice preview of the IIconics and Fire & Desire as the teams also went after each other. IIconics prevented Fire & Desire from winning and the IIconics enjoyed a brief stint of dominance. In the end, though, Vega and Ivelisse managed to steal a victory and the right to battle Comic Nightmare at Rising!

Great event!


The show kicks off with a Premier Quarter Semifinal Match which turns out to be No Holds Barred pitting Bobby Lashley against Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is able to hold off Lashley a little, but Lashley winds up winning in dominating fashion (no pun intended) as he sends a message to Lesnar, his opponent for Rising!

Executioner is seen in Mickey’s remote lair talking aloud about how he hopes to make Mickey proud. We kind of hear what sounds like Mickey’s laugh as Executioner becomes emotional pleading for his boss to have mercy upon him.

In the next match, the IIconics takes on Fire & Desire as they have been looking forward to doing for weeks now. The battle is a decent one which the IIconics manage in an expert manner, ultimately defeating Mandy and Sonya!

Mr. Perfect is annoying Anvil bragging about his family. Anvil angrily wonder why he was ever tagged with Perfect and insists that Perfect stay out of his way. Perfect seems annoyed himself by this.

In another match that has been trying to happen for weeks, Perfect and Anvil take on DDP and Nakamura. All seems to be going fine for Anvil until he needs to tag in Perfect, who drops off the apron and abandons his partner, leaving Anvil to Nakamura and DDP for easy pickens and a swift victory.

The Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is seen talking to Slammer about her gameplan and how she thinks she knows who will be challenging Tessa Blanchard for the Immunity Championship. Alexa expresses that she doubts Tessa can do it by herself, but promises an “ace” up her “sleeve” to ensure that the plan will remain in place.

Tessa Blanchard then finds herself defending the Immunity Championship against the legendary Amazon. Both women appear strong in this match, but Amazon looks poised to win until she suddenly starts losing control of her motor functions. This leaves an opening for Tessa to nail Amazon with one of her finishers, allowing her to pick up the win. However, as Tessa is celebrating, Michael Buffer announces that Tessa is in the next Premier Quarter Semifinal Match…in a Steel Cage!! When we return from seeing a brief preview of an upcoming show, Tessa is already waiting in the Cage as Emma makes her way down to the ring. This match leaves Emma busted open, but she still stands in a good position to win while she climbs the cage. That was until Slammer made his way to the ring and did his Head Mashing Super Punch to the cage, sending Emma flying! Slammer then rips part of the cage off, allowing Tessa to crawl out of the ring and win!!

In the hallway, Lawrence Mason interviews both Chaz and Kurt Angle prior to their Opportunity Match. Angle and Chaz both exchange their “I’m gonna beat you” speeches and make way for the ring. In the Opportunity Match, Angle and Chaz give stellar performances, but Angle is the one who comes out on top, forcing Chaz to tap! After the match, the men celebrate each other, and Chaz leaves to an ovation and a “Thank You Chaz” chant, since his career has just ended.

I am then seen in my private room sitting in my wheelchair watching TV when Sunny interrupts me. She begs me to give her a fair chance as her partner so that we can resume our Superstar Report segments. I agree and she leaves me to get back to watching the screen.

In our next bout, Tiny seeks and fails to get revenge against Abyss, who obliterates and defeats him in record time! Who the hell can stop this monster??!!!

Now, for our MAIN EVENT, for the Ascendant Championship! Champion Gargano makes his way to the ring to meet Challenger Cole and the two put on a great match for the gold. A lot of great spots in this one, including Cole’s shocking use of the Spinal Cord Spiral! The Spiral leads to a “Master Splinter” chant and Cole soon thereafter picks up the incredible win over Gargano, becoming our NEW Champion!!

What a way to end the show and prepare our path for the next PPV: Rising!!!


The show kicks off with an amazing promo video and pyro opening. The opening bout is soon introduced as the Triple Threat for the Women’s Championship with Alexa Bliss defending against Victoria and Mandy Rose. Victoria and Mandy become each other’s greatest downfall here, but Victoria appears poised to win regardless until Slammer intervenes on behalf of Alexa, helping her retain the gold!

In the locker room for Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll tears into Bobby Lashley for looking too relaxed before his match with Lesnar. He insists that Lashley needs to send a message to Lesnar tonight. Lashley promises to do so. In his match with Lesnar, the two beasts tear each other apart. Lashley apparently did his homework against Lesnar, but Lesnar doesn’t seem to have any ring rust. The back and forth battle almost ends with a submission when Lashley reverses an F5 attempt into a kimura lock, but Lesnar leverages the hold to sneak in a pinfall victory. Lesnar laughs his ass off on the stage as Lashley seethes.

Asuka looks concerned as she prepares for her match. Cornette gives her a prep talk, reminding her that there is “nobody ready for Asuka!” Asuka barely looks confident as she bows to Cornette and leaves.

The Immunity Champion Aleister Black is walking through the hallway when Kurt Angle catches up with him. Angle notes that while he did just leap from the Ascendant Class to the Middle Tier he is also a veteran who could help Black make a name for himself by challenging for Black’s belt. Black agrees to allow Angle’s attempt to “pick a fight” with him at Monday Night Mayhem on January 4th!

In the next match, the former Women’s and Immunity Champion (first ever woman to be a double champion in history) Asuka prepares to take on Living Dead Girl, who she beat in a shockingly quick victory in August. However, Living Dead Girl came down and completely demolished Asuka, scoring a quick victory of her own!

Chad Gable is in the locker room hyped up for the match against the Elite. He is extra confident in a victory while Jason Jordan is a little more cautious as they prepare for their match.

Executioner is seen waiting when Abyss suddenly shows up. Executioner looks intimidated as he tells Abyss that he needs Abyss to be ready to help in case things don’t go “their” way tonight. Abyss seems to nod in agreement as he leaves while the frightened Executioner catches his breath.

In the next match, the Elite defend their Tag Team Championships against American Alpha. The match is quite the barnburner, but the Champions never seem to get serious control of the bout, as American Alpha surprise all by eliminating Miz. With Morrison left alone he tries to defend the gold all by himself, but the teamwork of Gable and Jordan is too cohesive for Morrison to overcome as the duo nails a devastating combination move with Gable doing a slingshot towards Jordan as Jordan hit Morrison with a moonsault! American Alpha win the match and the gold!!

The Allure are hanging out in their suite. Gallows and Sky are enjoying a show when Angelina Love gets annoyed and starts shouting about no one is taking Becky seriously. Harley Quinn points out that she won, but Love shoots her down too by pointing out how she had to help for Quinn to win. Love says she will do it herself just before kicking her mirror in and leaving.

Madison Rayne catches up with Becky Lynch in the hallway. Rayne tells Lynch that she will be watching to make sure the match is fair. Becky pledges to kick Love’s ass and leaves for the ring.

In the unsanctioned match between Lynch and Love, the two women turn the battle into a brutal one. Using various weapons, it eventually gets bloody when Love uses the barbwire covered 2×4 to attack Lynch’s face. Despite the laceration, Becky bounces back, even hitting a super Beck-sploder through two tables! Love kicked out of the pin attempt and Becky put her in the Dis-Arm-Her. Rayne prevented the Allure members from interfering long enough for Becky to secure the submission victory! Following the match, though, the Allure’s numbers overwhelmed Becky and Rayne, allowing Love to get in Becky’s face and tell her that this was far from over.

The World Champion Scott Nash arrives and is suddenly met with the lights flickering. Bray Wyatt appears and reminds Scott that he is champion and facing Rhyno because that’s what Bray wants. Scott tells him to leave him alone, and Bray disappears after assuring Nash that such will happen “in good time”.

Ivelisse then arrives in the frame as cameras focus on her locker room with Zelina Vega. The two of them head to the ring, excited that this opportunity has arrived. With the Women’s Tag Titles on the line, just before the match begins, Vega and Ivelisse (“Cruel and Beautiful”) blind-sight Thundra and Starfire with a crazy attack, taking both women out (with Thundra put through a table outside). The ref has no choice but start the match as Ivelisse and Vega take Starfire apart, making quick of her via elimination! Then, Thundra starts to show some signs of life. Thundra fights back in horrific fashion, taking both women to the proverbial woodshed. However, Ivelisse and Vega prove to be too much even for Thundra as they roar back with an incredible and shocking victory!

Interrupting viewers from seeing Mason interview Rhyno, Fitz Riott returns with his Dirt Sheet Review. Fitz is impressed by the amazing tag team action tonight. He says that what “works” is the domination of the Alphas and the Beautiful. He points out how both underdogs teams took their opponents by surprise and did the unthinkable with great cohesion and strategy! He noted that what “won’t work” is underestimating one’s opponents. He underlined how easily Comic Nightmare and the Elite underestimated their challengers and how it cost them. Finally, Fitz rejoiced in “what’s whack”: the unlikely occurrence of TWO Tag Title changes in one night!

In the back, Rhyno was interviewed by Lawrence Mason. Mason pointed out how Rhyno hasn’t been a world champion since the HCW closed in 2010. Rhyno responded, recognizing that the “powers that be” are rooting for Nash to retain, but that he prefers to go against the authority figures of the company, remarking that it was like “2001 all over again”. Rhyno noted that he knows Nash well and that they have had several great matches in the past. Before leaving, he pledged to beat Nash once again for the gold!

In the Main Event for the World Championship, the Best of Three Falls provision was in effect (as is customary with PPV defenses) as Rhyno and Nash beat the hell out of each other. The brawl wound up giving Rhyno the first fall after a thunderous Gore!! Nash picked up the second fall almost accidentally, and it was quite some time as the exhausted veterans battled over the final fall, which went to Nash after an intense escalation of events wherein Nash snuck his belt outside the official’s view and used it to deflect a Gore!

Nash held his championship and rested on the ropes to recover as we closed out the night and the first third of the Fourth Season of PWI!!

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