Wrestling with Lenny, Volume 7

Hello everyone, Lenny here, and I am finally back!! In this seventh installment of my little opinion-sharing, I am going to review all of the draft picks for the 2021 installment thereof. Now, let’s begin!

With respect to the exemptions, we had a total of 19 for each. That number was conceived by an agreement by Mmouse Enterprises and BWM Inc to have 15 primary exemptions and automatic exemptions for the holders of 4 titles each. One additional change in the rules of this year’s draft is that a tag team could be draft as one pick or exempted as one.

Now, on to the picks for PWI’s exemptions! Number one, we have Kurt Angle. Angle is the obvious choice for the first exemption by PWI, as he is both the Men’s Immunity Champion as well as the PWI Champion. Regardless of what you or Mickey think about Kurt, you can’t have the PWI Champion getting drafted by EWA. It’s too risky!

Second exemption was Adam Cole, the Ascendant Champion. Not only is this an obvious pick due to Cole being a champion, but it is a smart pick because of the man’s immense talent. Mr. Cole is undoubtedly going places.

Alexa Bliss, the Women’s Champion and the first ever two-time Premier Athlete. In 2019, when Catherine and Mickey drafted Alexa to the PWI in the shadow draft it was met with a lukewarm reception. However, in the 2 years since, Alexa has become the undeniable top women’s star not only in PWI, but in all of wrestling today. That’s the biggest reason she was exempted, and now word has it that Alexa rewrote the PWI rules when she was “Boss for a day” on June 20th, mandating that she be permanently exempted from the draft.

American Alpha, the men’s tag team champions. This talented team took the tag world by surprise when they defeated the Elite for the gold back in December. Now, more than six months into their reign, and this alliance of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan leaves no hint of losing steam yet.

The Undying Legends, the Women’s Tag Champions. Molly Holly and Ivory finally won the big one at Motivation and made Stevie R proud. They are at the highest point in their careers since Molly was the women’s champion in the UWA. I couldn’t be happier for them. The question, though, is whether they can break the curse of the division by holding the titles longer than 3 months. We shall see.

Sunfire. PWI’s first non-champion exemption shouldn’t surprise anyone. Returning at the Epic back in March, Sunfire quickly rose back to the top of the conversation. However, he must prove that he can still cut it in the months ahead, or this return will be for naught.

Dragonfly. Another exemption that should surprise no one. Mmouse Enterprises refuses to take any risks by letting Dragonfly be exposed to the draft. Undeniably the biggest name in the history of the UWA, Dragonfly was the first world champion in the history of PWI to hold the title longer than 3 and a half months (after Midget Hogan had held the record of the longest USWA title reign at 109 days). Dragonfly held that title for just over 5 months as the first ever UWA Heavyweight Champion (side note, Murrey World Entertainment owned the Northern Division of UWA and their title was called the World Title, but more on that at a later time). Dragonfly also went on to enjoy the longest continuous world title reign in Mmouse Enterprises history when he won the UWA-WWF Title in June 2009 and lost it in July 2010 (Stan Hart and Teo had longer reigns in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 respectively, but those reigns were aided by PWI’s erratic schedule in the turmoil that was the 5th era). My point is that Dragonfly remains one of the absolute greatest in this industry and it is best to keep him right where he is.

Scott Nash. Mickey has made it loud and clear that he “needs” Nash to remain put. Mickey sees Nash as the last remaining pillar of his empire’s early days in the WPW locker room. For some reason, he believes he must keep Nash close to him and that isn’t likely to end soon.

FRED. In 2011, Benny drafted FRED and a host of other monsters from Mmouse Enterprises. This was how Catherine got introduced to the world of running the show as this was around the time that Mickey stepped down from the Chair to let Catherine take over. Benny got the best of Catherine in this instance, and it sent a shockwave throughout the company. Mickey had long considered FRED to be near the importance of Dragonfly as a megastar of his making. Now, with FRED back at full power and by Mickey’s side once more, it is no surprise that he was exempted from this year’s draft.

Teo. In 2011, Teo was drafted by Catherine from BWM Inc. and Mickey spoke very fondly about him as the “future” of the industry. Saying that Teo had “it” in a sit-down interview prior to the failed Fifth Era. This immediately went to Teo’s head as he started bragging around about having the endorsement of Mickey over everyone else. He built quite a reputation, but the truth is that he proved Mickey right. Since then, Teo has become one of PWI’s biggest stars and Mickey is not prepared to let anyone snatch him up. Also, with Teo’s world title reign being robbed from him last summer during the infamous incident, you should fully expect him to come back for that gold with guns blazing.

Attitude. Attitude’s return to the squared circle came as a relative shock, but the signs were there. When he took the reigns for Teo – the man he injured back in September – to defend the PWI gold on Teo’s behalf in the fall until then-Chairman Murrey put an end to it. Exempting Attitude may have actually been required by Alexa, and we will undoubtedly see the next chapter in the story between Teo and him as a result.

Brock Lesnar. This was a wise move for a number of reasons. First, the strong word on the street is that EWA badly wanted Lesnar. Secondly, Lesnar has still never won the big one and this would give him one more big chance to do just that.

Scarecrow & Strowman. The minions of Bray Wyatt may be a little lost with the destruction of their cult leader by FRED. We will have to see how they handle Bray’s absence.

The Elite. Despite not being tag champions since December, there is no question that the Elite is perhaps the most exciting tag team in the world right now (unless the Young Bucks live up to the hype in EWA).

Io Shirai. Io started in humble beginnings early in the 4th season of PWI only to find a way to come roaring to the top by the Spring. Her brief run as Women’s Champion was unfairly stripped away by the cunning Alexa Bliss. A rematch is definitely in order.

The Allure. Angelina Love’s recruiters who did everything they could to draw Love back into their fold just over a year ago are now living with the regret of poking the bear. Angelina has been a tyrannical leader of the so-called Dollhouse and even though Madison Rayne and the primary foe their group were drafted by the EWA you can see that this alliance is far from through with the division.

Angelina Love. Speaking of the tyrannical leader, Love is dead set on getting back the Women’s title that she never lost and which was taken away only because a botched era came to an end in 2014. 2021 or 2022 could be her time to reign once more.

Slammer. His exemption was no doubt another mandated by Alexa. He has done nothing with the men’s division, but Alexa’s meddling with the rules has enable Slammer to be the most fearsome force used against Alexa’s enemies in the women’s division. Expect more of that, for sure.

Gail Kim. The final PWI exemption was none other than Alexa’s chosen pet for the foreseeable future: Gail Kim. Gail was THE most sought after women’s wrestler from 2008 through 2019 and she was finally drafted in the shadow draft by PWI in 2019 and contracted to the tune of 60 million dollars, earning the single biggest contract of all time at that time. In the third season of PWI (which spanned 2019 and 2020, as the original preseason of PWI was in 2012, the First Season in 2013, and the Second in 2014), Gail Kim struggled to pierce through the crowded and extremely gifted field of women’s wrestlers at a time when the division was reestablishing itself for all to see. Then, in the Fourth Season, she gained her footing and had momentum, until Alexa ruined it at Motivation. Now, with Alexa controlling her fate at the moment, Gail is lashing out, and you saw plenty of that at Starrcade when Gail tore into Brie Bella for being a “disgrace”, something that you undoubtedly know she wants to say to a certain someone else.

Now, we move to discussing the EWA’s exemptions from the draft, starting with Granddaddy Duxen. Duxen is an obvious and somewhat painful choice. Obvious because he is the EWA Champion, and painful since PWI badly sought after him for the better part of the last two decades since the Second Era ended in 2002. Mickey was a big fan of what Duxen brought to the table and Duxen insisted on retiring until his comeback in 2020 to work for Benny. Duxen is now said to have a permanent guarantee of being exempted by the EWA going forward and his world title reign – while technically last a year now – is only getting started.

Ember Moon. Moon is a tricky exemption, because after Starrcade saw her lose the Knockout’s Championship to Rousey it looks like Ember’s exemption may have only happened because she was a champion and Rob Amick – who served as Benny’s proxy in the draft – wanted to ensure that the company was no embarrassed by a champion being drafted (although, there is more on that, which we will get to later). Even so, Ember would have likely been an early draft pick otherwise, so its not like her stock was in danger or anything.

The Brothers Metal. This another decision made largely to protect champions, as the word has it Benny may have actually begun to sour on Metalhead and was even ok with risking losing him again in the draft. Even so, the Brothers retained their tag titles at Starrcade and show no sign of losing steam any time soon.

Randy Orton. The Viper was the obvious first non-champion exemption by the EWA. Orton was the first ever EWA champion and the EWA knows how badly Mickey would love to sign Orton. He has displayed an incredible resilience in this industry which has a history of tearing stars down. Orton has remained at or near the top of the card since he first arrived in the industry back in the Third Era. His endurance as a “top guy” is amazing and his future doesn’t appear to be getting any bleaker.

AJ Styles. AJ has barely been able to get his feet off the ground in BWM Inc. despite being with the company since the Fourth Era back in 2008. Nabbing Styles is something that Mickey would also love to do should Benny ever forget to exempt him. A definite first round pick, for sure. Styles is going to be the world champion soon, mark my words.

Sasha Banks. The Boss saw her time in PWI come to an end after only a year and a stunning loss to Alexa Bliss at last year’s Motivation. That contract ended when PWI traded Sasha for Becky Lynch (more on that, in a bit). Sasha was exempted this time around and she made her EWA debut at Starrcade when she confronted Athena Starr, kicking off a dream feud of sorts. I predict she will be the head of the division by this time next year.

Athena Starr. At this point, Starr is going to retire in the EWA. She has given her career to Benny and it may be safe to say that she is safe from the draft…maybe. Unless she does actually retire before the next draft.

Rey Mysterio. Rey has had an interesting career. I remember his brief time in the HCW, which was kind of noteworthy. With Brown’s old company, basically everyone felt important or at least like they were supposed to be. Rey was no different and while his tag team has sort of drifted into being forgotten (much like EWA’s tag division itself…honestly), I expect Rey to do some good things in this coming season.

Ronda Rousey. A very smart choice by BWM Inc. to nab her and keep her. Mrs. Rousey is a force to be reckoned with and she is a top priority for Mmouse Enterprises should she ever become available. That stock became doubly the case once she became Knockout’s Champion at Starrcade.

AJ Lee. Lee is another one who is desired by the PWI. EWA got to her first in that shadow draft and it is very unlikely with the exemptions having been expanded to 19 that she will ever go anywhere else. Lee started to hint at a story late-last year, but I suspect that we may see something else emerge once EWA returns to programming.

Charlotte. Mickey always had a love-hate relationship with Ric Flair. In summary, Mickey didn’t really care for him and considered him to be “boring”. Charlotte, on the other hand, is something special in Mickey’s eyes, and that’s why it is a shame to him that Benny keeps her tightly locked away in the exemption ranks. Even so, I will be kind of surprised if Charlotte leads the division in such a talented field. Crazy.

Megan Mouse. On the one hand, I want to say that Megan is safe even without the exemption, but it would also not be surprising if Mickey tried to grab her at the soonest opportunity. Now that she is a proxy executive in the company I see her becoming a permanent fixture thereof anyway.

Cody Rhodes/Stardust. Exempting Mr. Rhodes was the right choice and you can see why when you look back at last year’s hilarious drama between him, his brother Goldust, and Ted Dibiase Junior. Cody seriously wrestled on both sides of a tag team match with both of those men and I can’t wait to see what happens next with this former member of the Legacy.

Armageddon. Benny personal’s monster. It’s hard to believe that Benny seriously went years, yes YEARS with Armageddon not being at his side, but now Armageddon is here and he isn’t going anywhere else. Remember, Armageddon was in the USWA for a few years, but that was the last time he worked anywhere other than for Benny. That’s never going to change.

Bayley. It’s safe to assume that every Knockout in the EWA is a target of PWI’s. Mickey wants the absolute best EVERYTHING in the industry, and that is why it was a great idea on the part of Benny to exempt Bayley and other women. Bayley hasn’t done anything of note yet in the EWA, but that could change in the months to come.

Nikki Bella. Former Knockout’s Champion, the first of this era. It is not surprising that she was exempted, but we will talk more about her in a few.

Jesse Hash. The Host of 4:20 was long a target of Mickey and Mmouse Enterprises as a whole. Mickey still thinks hiring him would be a great idea, but he has apparently – rumor has it – begun to accept that he will never have Hash. Hash hasn’t been the center of attention for a while, but he will likely get back in the title picture by the end of this coming season.

Chris Jericho. Y2J has yet to make his return to EWA despite some cool vignettes that we saw last year before No Boundaries. I predict that the Ayatollah of Rock’n’Rolla will return either at or within a couple weeks of the next episode of Revolution, and he will immediately be in the title picture.

Nia Jax. This monster of a woman was sought after by Mickey, but her exemption definitely tells me that Nia is far from done with her involvement with Rousey, and her interference in the Knockout’s Title match at Starrcade affirms such. I see Nia as Rousey’s first major challenger for the gold going forward.

Now we move on to the draft. There were thirty rounds and I intend to break them down into a series of waves, with 60 picks overall there is quite a bit to get through here, and it is all newsworthy, honestly. With 60 picks there were 6 waves of 10 picks with both companies choosing 5 in these respective waves. One thing you will notice about drafts is how there is ALWAYS a consequence for every action within. The EWA – represented by Rob Amick, Benny’s personal security guard – won the coin toss over the Executioner – Mickey’s personal security guard – to give EWA the first choice in the draft. Let’s get into it!

The First Wave. EWA launched the first wave with the most shocking pick up of the night: Living Dead Girl! Living Dead Girl was the first PWI Women’s Champion of the Era and reinvented herself over the past year to become the beast that she now is, and she was only not exempted because PWI ran out of room. This, however, was responded to by PWI’s pick up of Natalya Neidhart, who was open for trade in 2020, but PWI was too stingy in making any offers. Nattie had a great showing at Starrcade when she almost became Alexa’s next challenger.

EWA again set the tone by picking Asuka – Living Dead Girl’s enemy – for the next big grab! Asuka being picked sent another shockwave throughout Mmouse Enterprises Headquarters in Memphis. HQ then contacted Mickey in Knoxville who, in turn, contacted Executioner reportedly screaming at him for letting Asuka AND Living Dead Girl get drafted. Executioner responded to this turmoil by drafting Trish Stratus for a huge pick in an of itself on behalf of the PWI!

Yet, the hits kept on coming as EWA drafted Paige as their third pick, leading to another wave of freak-outs. Paige was a personal favorite of Mickey’s, so he demanded retribution, which Executioner felt he did in his response in picking Shayna Baszler. Shayna is a student and master of MMA fighting, so this helped ease the tensions at PWI HQ a little.

However, things exploded when EWA’s fourth pick turned out to be Rhea Ripley! Mickey was screaming at Executioner on the phone, threatening to send “Rat-Dick” Pics to Executioner’s wife if he didn’t blow EWA out of the water, and Executioner delivered a decent blow by picking Beth Phoenix! This actually proved very satisfactory to Mickey as he has LONG wanted Beth (she was exempted by EWA in 2019). He reportedly sent a message praising Executioner to the man’s wife instead of the unwanted sight of Mickey’s…member.

The final arm of the first wave came when EWA then picked Madison Rayne, which proved shocking to Angelina Love’s Dollhouse. Even so, Love was rumored to have shrugged it off, dismissing Rayne as a “failure”. Rayne is extremely talented, though, so this was a great pick, actually. Executioner responded with the best pick of this group when he drafted Nikki Cross to the PWI, pleasing his boss yet again, since Nikki was another high priority, but in the shadow draft of 2019.

The Second Wave. At the outset of the second wave of the draft, Amick blinked and it may have actually shifted the momentum of the night. Two things happened with the 11th pick of the night: 1. The streak of women being picked ended, and 2. the EWA became the first of both companies to use a pick to save their own roster. EWA did this when they made Finn Balor their next pick. No, this was absolutely NOT a bad pick, but the thing about the draft is that it is pure chaos and nearly your entire roster is in danger. PWI responded to this by picking Mickie James, effectively expanding the PWI Women’s Roster at the time, which sent a shockwave in and of itself, as Mickey roared in approval from his HQ.

The EWA again acted out of self-defense, picking Pac, the NXT CHAMPION! The NXT Champion was the 13th pick of the night!! Think about that and how they forgot to exempt one of their most talented CHAMPIONS. This led to the PWI smelling blood, but they didn’t immediately act on it. Seeing how the EWA had now made two picks to preserve the EWA roster, Executioner did the same for the PWI by picking Drew McIntyre to remain in the PWI. Drew is one of the favorites in the locker room in the eyes of those running the show and this pick preserves him on the roster for at least one more season.

The Eighth Round kicked off this halfway point of the Second Wave when EWA chose to keep Seth Rollins, who was definitely on Mickey’s radar. So, Executioner took notice of this and it reminded him of someone that Mickey wanted: Roman Reigns! Roman being picked hit the EWA in a way that didn’t become clear until later, but we will get to that shortly.

EWA’s next pick was EWA’s own Mystico, cousin of Dragonfly and Krusader. Interestingly, Krusader entered himself into the draft, keeping open the thought of coming out of retirement. PWI then responded with a self-preservation pick of its own – only the second of the night for PWI – by choosing to keep Keith Lee, a bonafide blue chipper if there ever was one.

The second wave culminated in the tenth round picks, which saw EWA break its self-preservation streak; undoubtedly getting fed up with PWI picking apart the roster with unanswered draft picks. EWA chose Dakota Kai for their tenth pick, causing PWI to feel a little sting for the first time since the fifth round. PWI actually ate this loss in the women’s division by choosing to keep the 2021 Men’s Premier Athlete, Brandon Lee, who was stunningly not exempted and who would have definitely been infuriated had he not been chosen in the first ten rounds.

The Third Wave. EWA kicked off this wave with a great pick up in one Bianca Belair. While the PWI was not happy about this future star being sent to the EWA, they were ready with another high-priority pick up for PWI in one Naomi. This appeared to signal that we were going to be set for another si-saw battle of ripping the other’s talent away, but that is not what immediately followed.

EWA followed up the pick of Belair with a preservation pick as they drafted Kalisto to stay where he is. PWI responded by rocking the EWA in drafting Daniel Bryan! Bryan was a top-tier priority for PWI in the 2019 Shadow Draft, and the EWA was seriously caught off guard by this pick.

Now seeing what was up, EWA got ahead of the threat and picked CM Punk to stay in the EWA. PWI responded again with another major pick, drafting Big E, yet another high priority!

Visibly rocked by the pattern, EWA scrambled to save Kofi Kingston with their next pick, but the PWI was unshaken by this move (then again, the PWI absolutely wanted Kofi). PWI, in turn, drafted the Big Show, sending the giant veteran back to work for Mmouse Enterprises for the first time since he was drafted by Benny in 2008!

This wave ended with the EWA in complete defensive mode as they used their 15th pick to draft Kaitlyn to retain her in the EWA roster. The PWI at this point sensed some danger afoot and chose to draft Jon Moxley to stay in PWI to close out this wave of picks.

The Fourth Wave. As the wave opened – which happened after a brief intermission – the EWA continued their defensive stature, choosing Goldust. The PWI followed suit by choosing their own Samoa Joe, a superstar whom Mickey sees as part of the key to building a renewed empire.

EWA then retained the services of Bludgeon Brothers Luke Harper and Erick Rowan as the PWI retained Bobby Lashley. These picks were no doubt a response to the anticipation on both sides that the other was about to ransack the rival’s roster in the last handful of choices.

Lending credence to the aforementioned suspicions was the next EWA pick: Lita. Lita is one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time and the EWA knew that retaining Lita was vital now to protecting her from another vicious assault on the Knockouts by the PWI. Then, PWI nabbed Rusev from the EWA ranks in a serious blow which led to Lana accompanying Rusev in accordance with a contractual clause guaranteed to the married couple.

EWA fired back, shocking PWI by stealing Mark Henry. This knocked PWI off their guard a bit and forced them to make a defensive pick in Aleister Black.

The twentieth pick for EWA was another shock to the PWI as Amick chose the Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. This team is widely regarded as one of the best and most brutal on Earth. Mickey ordered Executioner to strike back and he did so by taking the Samoan Connection, Yokozuna and Umaga; the first EWA Tag Team Champions of this era!

The Fifth Wave (not the movie). This wave marked massive shift in tone, going from the si-saw of offense to defense to a transition into full-fledged offense. Next was the final defensive pick of the night when EWA chose Akosha. PWI continued their offensive streak through to the end of the draft as they next picked up the legendary Edge, who will undoubtedly have to stalk somebody not named CM Punk for a change.

EWA’s Rob Amick then appeared to realize that he had to end this draft in a strong way. He did so by stunning PWI with a pickup of Kevin Owens. This pick definitely stung for PWI after they spent a big chunk of last season building Owens up to be the next guy. PWI retaliated when Executioner pointed to Sheamus and instructed him to join the Premier locker room. Sheamus was on the PWI radar back in the shadow draft that I keep mentioning, so this should be interesting.

Amick spoke next and selected Dolph Ziggler, a man who was starting to get a little recognition in the PWI, and with him going to the EWA we can only wonder what the company from Connecticut will be doing with him. Executioner then poached the legendary Raven from under the BWM Inc. umbrella, which will be the first time Raven has worked for someone not named Benny since 2008 when he was traded from the HCW back to Benny.

The EWA’s Knockouts Division gained Taya Valkyrie in the next pick and that was responded to when Dana Brook was sent to the PWI.

This wave came to a close, though, on one of the absolute biggest shockers of the evening when the EWA drafted Becky Lynch away from the PWI. This became a HUGE deal because of that earlier-mentioned trade of Sasha Banks for Becky Lynch. Becky was traded for Sasha and then EWA got her back anyways in the draft. Well-played Amick, well played. Now the PWI is down a MAJOR star as a result. PWI’s Executioner was noticeably stunned as he chose Alicia Fox next from the EWA to jump ship. A response that barely was, if there ever was one.

The Sixth and FINAL Wave. Amick felt like he was on a roll, and that’s because he was as he made Lacey Evans the next to join the Knockouts of EWA. The only thing, though, is that PWI’s Executioner was also on his game as the loss of Becky woke him up as well when he picked newcomer Nyla Rose to come and terrorize the PWI Women’s Roster. These two picks made it clear that this round was going to be an even war, and it was.

EWA next grabbed Ruby Riott – one half of the former Women’s Tag Team Champions, the Riott Squad – and PWI returned the favor by taking BRIE BELLA! This shocked the EWA for sure, as well as the former and first Knockouts Champion of this era, Nikki Bella, as the Bella Twins were now officially divided! This also served as the last woman that PWI would draft.

EWA definitely felt the need to get revenge as they made the next shocking pick with Rhyno! Rhyno was unceremoniously fired in public at WOW’s Diplomatic Deficiency Pay Per View in November 2008 after he accidentally gored Jane Mouse and caused her to miscarry Benny’s child. This was, of course, part of the historic and VERY FATEFUL trade back to HCW where Rhyno would once again become the biggest name in the industry with his incredible heel turn in joining the nWo. Mickey and Executioner were absolutely taken aback, but they didn’t wait long before drafting the immensely talented and popular Sean Olson!

EWA then enjoyed the final drafting of a woman as they swiped Sarah Logan and reunited the Riott Squad. PWI looked up and overshadowed that pick by drafting Booker D, thereby reuniting the greatest tag team of all time, the Harlem Turtles!

And now, it was time for the thirtieth and final round of the 2021 draft. In this round, Amick scoured the incredibly large assortment of talent as he happily chose the better-than-ever Lex Luger from the PWI, leading the EWA to gain back the services of Luger, who was a loyal employee for quite some time until he had been drafted by the UWA in the Third Era. PWI’s Executioner considered his options last, knowing this would be the final pick of all in this installment of the draft. PWI, with his leadership, then drafted the Impact Player, former EWA and Undisputed Champion, Christian!

With that, the draft was over. PWI used 23 of their 30 draft picks to gain new stars while EWA used 18 of their 30 picks to do the same. This resulted in a net gain of 5 stars for PWI. Of the 23 new stars for PWI, 11 were women. Out of the 18 new stars for EWA, 12 were women. This actually leads to a net gain of one Knockout for EWA. This is a wild 6 superstar swing from the PWI’s overall net gain of 5 superstars to their net loss of one Women’s star.

Based on this set of statistics it is hard to say with certainty which side had the better night. PWI has since made up for the lost Women’s Star with the signing of Toni Storm, but the intense battle at the outset of the Draft sent a clear message – just like in 2019 – that this was a battle for the women, at least at first. In that case, EWA edged out PWI, but in terms of who came out prepared for a fight and kept their opponent on defense, that victory goes to PWI, decisively. That’s the story you see in these numbers.

While the EWA definitely scored some notable victories, at no point did they ever sustain a significant period of unanswered pick-ups wherein the PWI was running scared trying to save their roost. That’s what the EWA appeared to do more often than not. Instead of being on the offensive, they were forced to play defense. This isn’t to say that the PWI wasn’t put in check a few times. With the losses of Living Dead Girl, Asuka, Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens, and Rhyno, the PWI was shaken to its core, but I still think that the overall picture is one that appears to give the PWI the win, by a hair.

Thank you for reading. I have had fun reviewing this incredible draft. I hope to get a review up for Starrcade as soon as possible, but I am not making any promises. Hold on for the next PWI non-press-related update, which will be the collection of PWI event summaries by Jeff Esiason.


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