BWM Inc. announces full EWA Revival card

Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota 

33,420 fans at 50 percent of the arena’s capacity

EWA World Heavyweight Championship

Grand Daddy Duxen © vs Randy Orton

At No Boundaries IV, Duxen shocked the world and defeated the Legend Killer for the Elite Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship. Exercising his obligatory right to a rematch, Orton will look to settle the score with Duxen once and for all as he looks to become the first man to ever win the title three times. Will Orton make history, or will Duxen prove his championship win wasn’t a fluke? Also, what role will ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor play after attacking Duxen at No Boundaries?

EWA Knockout’s Championship

Ember Moon © vs ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey

Ember Moon cashed in her Money in the Bank contract at No Boundaries IV after Nikki Bella, Charlotte Flair, and Megan Mouse pushed one another to their limits. After months of opportunities, Megan Mouse finally accomplished her goal of winning the Knockouts Championship in a brutal three-way ladder match, only to be defeated by the opportunistic Moon. Rousey, defeating Athena Star, was named the next in line for the title. Will the green Ember Moon be able to hold on to the prize she so cleverly won, or will the ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’ finally take what she believes to be her rightful spot atop the division?


Jesse Hash reunites with Athena Star

After losing to Rousey at No Boundaries, Athena Star’s future looks more uncertain than ever. What will the legendary Knockout have to say about her future when she reunites with her former boyfriend and 4:20 host for the first time in a decade?

Massacre 6 ––

Winner to challenge for Knockouts Championship

Nia Jax vs Nikki Bella vs Megan Mouse vs Shayna Baszler vs Charlotte Flair vs Natalya Neidhart 

Former EWA Knockouts Champions Nikki Bella and Megan Mouse will join the four other top women in the division in the EWA’s flagship match, with the winner to be named the Number 1 contender for the Knockout’s Championship!

EWA Tag Team Championship 

The Brothers Metal © vs Splinter & Splidder

Heavy Metal and Metal Head will defend against the legendary brothers as Master Splinter steps out of retirement and competes in his first match since From Dusk til Dawn 3 with his brother Splidder, who hasn’t competed in a match in over two decades! It’s a battle of the legendary brothers, and only one team will walk out of Revival with the tag team titles!

EWA X-Division Championship

“The Bastard” Pac © w/ Ghost Rider vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

After defeating AJ Styles in the Ultimate X match at No Boundaries IV, ‘The Bastard’ Pac, alongside his mentor Ghost Rider, will defend the title against one of the most talented luchadors in the world, Rey Mysterio Jr.!

All of this and more as the Elite Wrestling Alliance returns to PPV on Easter Sunday!

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